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Walang Hanggan – What Values are Shown?

Posted on : 26-11-2012 | By : tvadvo_vina | In : Feedback, Letters, Reviews


TAG’s Ching Aunario and Gerly de Castro wrote to Philippine Star c/o Ms. Ana Maria Pamintuan, Editor-in-Chief, to express their comments regarding the TV series “Walang Hanggan” that was produced and aired by ABS-CBN.

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Dear Ms. Pamintuan:

This refers to the extended teleserye, Walang Hanggan, being shown throughout the nation on ABS-CBN TV (and some parts of the world via TFC) everyday from 8:30 to 9:30pm, which is now acclaimed as a Philippine TV phenomenon because of its top rating and popularity among TV viewers, male and female, young and old alike.

The teleserye is about two competing families, one born rich (the Montenegros) and the other rose from poverty (the Guidottis). The main proponents are Doña Margaret Montenegro (played by Helen Gamboa) and Señora Emilia Guidotti (played by Dawn Zulueta) plus a third party, Miguel Ramos (played by Noni Buencamino) who used to be loyal to Señora Guidotti but turned traitor and treacherous. The plot revolves around a never-ending fight for wealth and power, each one employing all means, legit or not, to outdo each other. Lives were taken with no remorse, as if there is no such thing as “conscience”, grave mistakes were treated as if “it’s business as usual” and harsh, insulting words were thrown so tactlessly.   

While the negative values are plentiful and magnified, the show also has positive values portrayed – the good-natured Daniel Guidotti  (played by Coco Martin), the meek and trying-hard-to-be-a-good-wife, Katerina Montenegro (played by Julia Montes) and the compassionate role of Susan Roces as Ate Henia to Doña Margaret and Lola to Daniel.

The show has been running for close to eight months already and it looks like it will be running much longer since a new actress will be joining the cast. This would mean that the teleserye will take on a new plot.

While it is a big, earning business for the advertisers and for the network owners, and certainly the actors and actresses of the show, we are sad to note that the teleserye is replete with negative attitudes being portrayed, so much more than the positive values worthy to be emulated by the viewers. The show is packed with too much pride, envy, hatred, deception and greed for wealth, power and ambition.

It gives the impression that those involved in the production, directing and casting do not at all care about what they are showing and what message they are sending, consciously and subconsciously, to the Filipino people and to the whole world. Because of its wide influence, media people are duty bound to help shape and mould the minds, hearts and character of viewers as their contribution to nation-building.

We just hope that the teleserye will redeem itself as the show comes to an end, or earlier, the sooner, the better.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. Ching Aunario and Gerly de Castro

for Television Advocacy Group (TAG)

Email: tagalabang@yahoo.com.ph

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