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TV Review: Unang Hirit

Posted on : 21-06-2010 | By : admin | In : Reviews, TV


Unang Hirit

Category: Morning Talk Show

TV Channel: GMA 7                    Days: MON – FRI                 Time: 5:15AM

Hosts: Arnold Clavio, Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Lyn Ching-Pascual, Rhea Santos, Drew Arellano, Winnie Monsod, Arn Arn etc.


Lives up to its name since it may be the first thing you see on TV as it starts as early as 5:15am.  Made up of sections categorized as either informative or entertaining.  The “informative” segments are: Front Page (headlines), Boses ng Masa (poll section), Pasada Balita (radio news),  Bantay Panahon (weather report), MMDA Traffic Report, and Unang Balita (other news/breaking news).  The entertainment portion includes Showbiz Banner (showbiz news), You Got d’ Look…alike (actor-audience look alike), UH Top 10, UH Mobil Tambayan (live portion on the street), Boses ng Bayan (tips & comments from the viewers), and People Places & Events (calendar of cultural events).  The other segments – UH Exclusives (special features), Ms. Shoppingera (best deals & sales), Ka Style ko si Idol (fashion/wardrobe and their prices) and UH’s Gimmick Portion (miscellaneous topics) are very entertaining, practical and informative.


You will definitely wake up with this show.  The show starts of with its fast paced news that endeavors to keep its viewers up to date with current events.  The manner of reporting is consistent with GMA’s balanced reporting.  The viewers are also informed of other matters.  The weather of the day, the timely traffic report  and the best deals in shopping.  Even the fillers are quite interesting as they share sensible tips on what’s healthy or give practical insights into the ‘day to day’ living.  The entertainment portion not only informs but is unique as it encourages interaction with the audience.  There are contests that allow one to participate live while the others just require you to send in your text messages.  And you get to win big prizes for your efforts in waking up early and keeping awake.

Unang Hirit’s many lively hosts are truly “wacky” as they seem to make it their personal responsibility to ensure that its audience stay awake and are kept on their toes during the whole course of the show.  They may seem all fun and highly amusing but they are also witty and truly professionals.  They behave and dress appropriately according to the segment of the show.

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