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TV Review: Noah

Posted on : 23-07-2010 | By : admin | In : Reviews


Below is a TV Review by Mrs Gerly de Castro



TV CHANNEL: ABS CBN   DAYS: Monday to Friday   Time Slot: 7:50 p.m.

LEAD STARS:   Piolo Pascual as Gabriel Perez

Zaijan Jaranilla as Jacob (son of Gabriel)

Jodie Sta. Maria as Ruth (wife of Gabriel)

Tessie Tomas as mother of Gabriel

Cherry Pie Picache as mother of Ruth

PRODUCER:     Emilio Siojo

DIRECTOR :     Malu Sevilla

Lino Cayetano


This mythical teleserye is considered as one of the biggest productions of ABS-CBN. Noah tells the story of a family whose lives turn upside down after one tragic accident. Gabriel is an outstanding police officer who gets into trouble when he spearheaded a major undercover operation which leads to the downfall of an influential organization. A serious threat over his son’s life convinces him to escape and as the family does so, they met an accident which hurled their car onto the sea. The son, Jacob got lost in the process and he ended up in a mythical island which supposedly has no contact with the real world.


The theme of the story boasts of NOAH being … malapit sa kalikasan…walang inggitan, lamangan, may malasakit sa kapwa, walang gulo.. , the theme of harmony with nature through good relationships among the inhabitants and their surrounding environment. The inhabitants are called  Ungtas, or human monkeys. NOAH became Jacob’s home; he was renamed Eli by his adoptive parents and grew up believing that he is one of them.  Hopefully, we can expect a pleasant and interesting adventure as Gabriel pursues his determination and zeal to find his son.

At this point, the teleserye may be viewed by all ages.

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