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TV Review: Nathaniel (ABS-CBN)

Posted on : 11-05-2015 | By : TAG | In : TV




TV CHANNEL: ABS CBN DAYS: Monday to Friday Time Slot: 7:40 p.m.

Marco Antonio Masa as Nathaniel
Gerald Anderson
Shaina Magdangal

PRODUCER: Carlina dela Merced

Darnel Joy Villaflor
Francis Xavier Pasion


Nathaniel is the story of an angel who is sent back to earth with an assigned mission to restore man’s faith in God and remind them that there is goodness in everyone’s hearts. Nathaniel while still a baby died in an accident and at age 7, returns to earth as an angel who will earn back his wings when he has accomplished his mission.

While on earth, he was taken in by adoptive parents, Abner and Beth Bartolome (played by Benjie Paras and Pokwang), whose lives Nathaniel helped for the better. Eventually, he would meet his own parents, Paul and Rachel (played by Gerald Anderson and Shaina Magdangal), who have gone separate ways; likewise, his grandmother, Angela (played by Coney Reyes), who has lost faith in God and together with her son, Paul, made power and wealth their main obsession.


Another ABS-CBN fantasy drama on family values after the successful series:“May Bukas Pa” in 2009, “100 Days to Heaven” in 2011 and “Honesto” in 2013.

Recommend consistent and constant parental guidance for young viewers as they may assume it’s all about a boy turned angel who can do wonders. Both positive and negative values come into play and proper guidance may be needed for the young audience to distinguish between the two. While good family values are portrayed, there is an equal, if not a more intense, portrayal of family conflicts, extreme vices, insatiable thirst for wealth and power. The little voice of Nathaniel is overpowered by certain grown-ups’ soul-less and selfish ambition with no other goal in life but material gain and destruction of souls.

Written by: Gerly de Castro

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