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TV Review: Iglot

Posted on : 15-09-2011 | By : admin | In : Reviews, TV


Check out our latest TV review by member Gerly de Castro about channel 7′s latest Fantaserye Iglot



TV CHANNEL: GMA DAYS: Monday to Friday Time Slot: 8p.m.

LEAD STARS: Claudine Barretto
Marvin Agustin
Jolina Magdangal
Luis Alandy
Patrick Garcia
Milkcah Wynne Nacion

PRODUCER: Wilma Galvante
(Executive-in-charge of Production)

DIRECTOR : Gil Tejada, Jr.

Iglot is a fantasy and drama series created by GMA Network . The legend of the Unggiko tells of the odd, funny and healing creatures who are pets of the human-birds Mulawin . In the middle of the war, all the Unggikos were killed except for one egg. This egg is hidden inside a volcano and will be released when the volcano erupts.

The fantaserye starts with Mariella (portrayed by Claudine Barretto) and Anton (portrayed by Marvin Agustin) aborting their marriage due to a mischief plotted by the former suitor of Mariella, Juancho (portrayed by Luis Alandy). Mariella, though was already pregnant at that time.

A few days after giving birth, the volcano erupted and this led to the separation of Mariella and her daughter whom she named Isabela (portrayed by Milkcah Wynne Nacion).

Her daughter went into the hands of Lola Idang (portrayed by Celia Rodriguez) and she named her Luningning. It
was this little girl who found the peculiar egg which came out of the volcano and she called the huge stone-looking egg, Iglot.

Meanwhile, Mariella and her aunt were rescued by Juancho and she was made to believe that her daughter is dead, but in her heart, she knows she is not.


After a long wait by the fans for their Optimum Star, Claudine Barretto is back on GMA’s primetime drama-fantasy, Iglot.

Children may want to watch because of its fantasy aspect but parents must take precaution of the heavy drama it will involve. For one thing, the start of the series already showed deceit and bad intentions on the part of Juancho who also gave instructions to dispose of Mariella’s baby.

Needs parental guidance as some materials may not be suitable for children.

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