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TV Review: Amaya

Posted on : 29-10-2011 | By : admin | In : Reviews, TV


The long weekend has finally begun! Lets start off with a TV review by our TAG member Girlie Lucila on GMA’s groundbreaking Epicserye Amaya. What do you think of the show? Would you recommend it for students to watch? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page.

Title of TV Show:   Amaya (the Epicserye) 


Marian Rivera as Amaya

Raymond Bagatsing as Datu Bugna

Hon. Lani Mercado as Dal’lang

Ms. Gina Alajar as Dian Lamitan

Mr. Gardo Versoza as Rajah Mangubat

Glaiza de Castro as Binayaan

Sid Lucero as Bagani

Mikael Daez as Lumad


Amaya aired at GMA daily 8:30-9:30pm.

Amaya is the first ever epic series (epicserye) in the country’s television history. GMA-7’s most expensive epicserye was plotted in the year 1500s where Datu’s and Raha’s reign. It was directed by a veteran director Mr. Mac C. Alejandre who was also the man behind the TV Series. Amaya reflects the story of our natural heritage and life during the 1500s which almost has been forgotten today. Portrayed by Marian Rivera, Amaya is a story of a girl, born as princess who will soon became a slave, because of her step mother and at the end will be destined to be the most powerful woman of her time.

Amaya is recommended for Filipino audiences. General Patronage. To shows the ancestor of the Filipino. This novel also shows the value and traditions of the Filipino – respect for the elder, though gallantry, bravery, perseverance in fighting for what is right.

The novel is impressive also because of the colorful native costumes.

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