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The sum of all our fears

Posted on : 01-01-2011 | By : admin | In : Reviews


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MANILA, Philippines – I should be writing about Christmas, which as the airwaves continually proclaim is only 18 days away. However, it distresses me to think of all the babies that will never see the light of Christmas this year and in the years to come. And may I just comment that Western de-populationists have contracted an aversion for all the things that Christmas stands for, scorning public representations of the Nativity. Why? Because Christmas represents “birth.” And birth is anathema, as we shall see.

Apparently a new age is being ushered in – a new world where poverty, imperfection, “general social deterioration,” and medieval superstitious religion will forever be banished – and the high priests of this new non-religion are the eugenicists.

Indeed, there still are large numbers among our people – academicians, in media, politicians, government officials, including the highest official of the land – who remain in denial about the recorded, published, and promoted agenda for global population reduction. The consequences of this depopulation agenda constitute the sum of all our fears (if I may take liberties with the title of one of Tom Clancy’s books).

While couched in innocuous language, the so-called Reproductive Health bill, is a potential bomb that threatens the very life and values of our nation. It is riding on the pretentious premise that the Philippines is over-populated, and therefore good economics decrees what it euphemistically calls “population management.”

As fearsome as all our fears for the “clear and present danger” concerning this conspiracy to depopulate the world, especially the less developed countries (the Kissinger Report emphasized that the “smooth flow of needed materials” – to the developed world, of course – would be abetted “under conditions of slow or zero population growth”), a Good Hand must be guiding many people to voice out their concerns, as seen in the foregoing Declarations.

I grant that the some of proponents of the so-called Reproductive Health bill, which its author has bragged will be passed in this Congress, are sincere about their concern for poverty alleviation. They are however misguided, in fact deceived, about the means by which poverty may be eradicated or mitigated – the touted $3 billion of the Millennium Challenge grant for example, instead of being spent on contraceptives and condoms, would be far better spent on education, the building of school buildings and health centers, raising the competence of teachers, training midwives and other rural health workers, prevention of real diseases – by the way, pregnancy is not a disease – and similar worthier expenditures. Of course it is obvious that the gravy would not be spread that way, and is ingenuously tied to birth control.

The danger, the sum of all our fears, is that there are those who are malevolent in their intentions and go about deviously in their methods, touting discredited economic arguments and piously claiming that the world would be better off with fewer poor people (by killing their babies?). These agents of the “new world order” are those who advocate the unthinkable, and are ultimately the ones behind the advocacy for “family planning” and “reproductive health.” Back in the 1970′s Rockefeller commended the one-child policy of China, proposing that this be adopted world-wide. Well, we now know that China has learned that this policy left them with more male babies who have grown up unable to find spouses since girl babies were routinely aborted. And aren’t they now reversing this erroneous policy? Isn’t it also true that many countries in Europe are experiencing a “wintering” of their populations – fewer young people to do productive work and support their social security systems. Similarly, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea are now in a panic to reverse their negative population growth, repenting over four decades of population control. And we are eager to adopt this fearful policy!

Let me end by saying that the sum of all our fears is based on the shocking and draconian population control plans, the horrors of genocidal culling programs now underway and being relentlessly pursued by elitist eugenicists, charmingly garbed in philanthrophic abracadabra.

As a child star once said, “Takot ako!”


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