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Teenage Pregnancy Can Be Avoided

Posted on : 19-07-2013 | By : TAG | In : Feedback, Interesting Articles


News items on increasing teenage pregnancies have been headlined in newspapers.  One recent article was titled “A ‘silent crisis’” (Inquirer, 7/8/13),  which mentioned that  “the number of babies born to teenage mothers (aged 15-19 years) rose from 7.1 percent to 11.7 percent” (National  Statistics Office).  Indeed,  “it is a difficult enough situation for a teenager finding herself pregnant or responsible for a newborn, even as she struggles with issues of identity and autonomy.”


With the Reproductive Health (RH) law, teenage pregnancies will further increase.  The RH law aggressively promotes the use of free contraceptives, thus, encouraging sex galore among the young and old, married and single.  After all, with this kind of depraved environment  espoused by said law, no one gets caught with the implicating evidence of getting pregnant  – thanks for the use of free condoms, pills and IUDs provided by  the RH law.

A positive and lasting solution to teenage pregnancies is by going back to the basics of parents themselves teaching chastity, by word and example, to their own children – that love can wait, until they finish their studies, find work, and mature to be able to nurture a loving family.  The best gift to one’s beloved on wedding day is his/her virginity, and  that married couples should remain chaste and faithful to their own spouses.  Such discipline imbues on Filipinos the cardinal virtues of prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice – necessary  in nation-building and for a morally healthy society, unlike  the RH law that endorses instant sexual gratification and vices  developed by sending  the wrong signal that “with condoms, have sex anytime!”

Television network operators, film makers, advertisers, media men and women have also a crucial social responsibility to perform.  They can enhance TV programs, movies, advertisements and media works that inspire ennobling ideas, images and values to portray positive role models for the young who predominantly comprise the citizenry.

Let me state again in earnest my reaction to an appalling action of teenage girls who threw their underwear on to the stage of the Smart Araneta Coliseum during the show of a pop-punk band. I then posed the questions:  What could be a more notorious way to advertise our girls? What kind of foreign visitors are we trying to attract? What type of girls are we trying to project? (Inquirer, 11/11/11, How women can earn respect).

“Girls must learn to love the beauty of proper deportment that will work to their advantage in the long run. They must value their chastity to avoid becoming unwed mothers. Mike Matthews in ‘Sexy Fashions?… What Do Men Think?’ explained, as a man, how women’s sexy clothes and actions really affect men. He asks if these girls realize that their action causes men to want to ‘use’ women sexually rather than love them for who they are. Such immodesty ‘will not cause men to honor or respect women. In fact, it’s actually guaranteed to cause men to dishonor and disrespect them. If you want a man to respect you, and perhaps eventually fall in love with you, then you must show him that you respect yourself and that you recognize your dignity before God. The best way to show this is through modesty in dress, words, thoughts and actions.’

“Matthews went on to explain that ‘if you present yourself in a way that is sexually revealing, even in the slightest of ways, many men will want your body for pleasure without regard for you as a person. Many men will see you as sexually loose.

‘If you are seeking lasting love and a lifelong marriage that unites mind, soul and body, the best way to achieve this is by being the kind of person you want your future spouse to be. Think of yourself and your future mate as someone with integrity, a vital personality and strong character. If you develop these qualities and demonstrate them through words, actions and appearance, it will help you attract the same in a spouse. Many good men are out there: men with wonderful personalities, men who are respectful, intelligent and looking for a long-term relationship—men who will be faithful and committed to one wife for life. To find a truly honorable man like this, remember that he’ll be attracted to a woman who dresses modestly as a sign of purity, to someone who recognizes that each person is created in the image and likeness of God.

‘By dressing modestly, a woman also shows that she knows we were made to love and be loved as unique, unrepeatable individuals. She also shows that she has reverence for her body and her immortal soul—two sacred gifts to be treated with dignity and respect.’ (www.catholiceduc.org)”

-Mrs. Ching D. Aunario


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