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TAG Commends MTRCB

Posted on : 20-03-2015 | By : TAG | In : Feedback



TAG would like to express its long overdue commendation to MTRCB for the tireless and effective efforts of its Chairman Toto Villareal and the Board Members for the promotion of value-based media and empowered media viewership. The Chairman often emphasized that the family is the cradle of the life of a person, where one is formed in values and in virtue.

The Matalinong Panonood para sa Pamilya ni Juan at Juana campaign has been launched in various towns and cities, in schools and corporations, all over the country. It is a media literacy program where they explain the revised MTRCB ratings for both movies and television programs; and advocate the importance of protection in media of vulnerable sectors such as women, children, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens. Its campaign to reach out to more people at the grassroots level aims to promote public awareness and help everyone to be vigilant and more enlightened in determining good entertainment.

MTRCB has become an enabler for both the television networks and producers, on the one hand, in terms of self-regulation and audience-sensitivity and the audience on the other, (particularly the family) in regard to viewer empowerment especially as regards the MTRCB ratings and classification system as well as its other initiatives and advocacies. MTRCB has also tied up with NGO’s for the promotion of Filipino family values and with dioceses for the protection of the physical, moral, intellectual and social well-being of the youth. MOU’s (Memorandum of Agreement) are entered into between MTRCB and the cable industry stakeholders to render effective rating advisories to the viewing public and for the promotion of value-based television programming.

We would like to express, as well, our gratitude for the “learning session” he gave our members last year and for the sumptuous merienda treat. Congratulations, Mr. Chairman to you and all your collaborators for a great job! More power!

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