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Sex for pleasure means using person as object

Posted on : 21-05-2010 | By : admin | In : Feedback, Letters, Reviews


Sex for pleasure means using person as object

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:23:00 05/04/2010
THIS IS IN REACTION TO THE MARCH 5 editorial titled “Intolerance” which stated: “the problem with the intolerant attitude of the two good bishops is that, as far as contraception is concerned, they want Catholic doctrine to effectively dictate government policy”; and went on to claim that “even if all Filipino Catholics were to accept that teaching in full, it is still ‘only’ a religious teaching; it cannot be used to decide state affairs.”

We believe in the dignity of man and the sacredness of life. Everyone is duty-bound to participate in shaping the moral character of our society. And we thank the good bishops for reminding us to mind our morals. Who else will teach us about morals? As citizens and taxpayers, we have a right to be represented in the policy-making process of the government.

The Catechism on Family and Life for the 2010 Elections, prepared by the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, clarifies tolerance as “respect for the right of other persons to profess a different opinion and belief. However, tolerance cannot be understood as believing that other peoples’ points of view are equally good as one’s own, since this would blur the lines between good and evil and renounce the judgment of a sound and well-informed conscience.

“In fact, publicly proclaiming one’s own beliefs is a service for dialogue, because through this way others can know exactly what and how one thinks. One offers one’s thoughts for reflection to others while respecting their beliefs, but without assuming that all beliefs are equally valid.”

As Archbishop Burke said: “Always and everywhere evil cannot be called good for the sake of accomplishing some other good end.”

Contraception aims to obstruct conception, which is beautiful if done within marriage. And marriage is the total and unconditional self-giving of a man to a woman for life. In practicing contraception, it is like the spouses telling each other, “I love you as long as we do not give birth.” And since abortifacient drugs cause cancer in women, it is also like the husband telling the wife: “I love you as long as we do not give birth, even if it will endanger your life.”

The implicit message of the health department in giving away condoms is: Have sex galore; we will provide free, unlimited supply of condoms!

Is this the kind of society that we want? What an ineffective, short-sighted solution to the AIDS problem. The use of condoms abets wanton multiple sex partners, thus, spreading AIDS faster; it also encourages depravity, infidelity, sensuality, permissiveness.

Men and women are persons before all else and for this reason, sex cannot be used for pleasure only. Otherwise, it would mean using a person simply as an object.

We would rather prefer that government teach the public by word and deed: Be faithful to your spouse, avoid AIDS. This has a lasting, positive, effect on society, in line with nation-building.


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