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Repost: PBB and What To Do

Posted on : 02-12-2015 | By : TAG | In : News, Reviews


Sharing with all of you an article found in http://actlikeaman.org/2015/07/pbb737/ regarding PBB.

In the recent weeks, we have seen an assault on the young people of our nations. This time the assault is not happening in the streets of Mendiola but right in our living rooms. PBB, a famous franchised reality show, showed some questionable, offensive and disturbing scenes on national TV that influences millions of people watching the show on prime time slot.

As a volunteer of MTRCB, we have been educated on how to watch intelligently and monitor shows like these coming out on prime time TV where most of the kids are still watching. But with the recent episodes of PBB on TV, even with a parent involved – I could see no angle on how to redeem the assault on morality and indecency that our kids are exposed to.

MTRCB, headed by Chairman Toto Villareal, recently called top executives of the station and the show to point out the glaring offensive morals and scenes that were shown on PBB. Aside from the “bromance” between a minor (12) and an 18 year old dude, other questionable scenes that were cited in the complaints are “the huddling together and engaging in flirtatious talks and actions among male and female housemates; the indecent proposal by housemate Ryan to his co-male housemate if the latter could be his ‘mistress’; and the interaction with non-Muslim males and lack of privacy of a young Muslim woman.” read more: http://www.pep.ph/news/54501/mtrcb-orders-pbb-737-to-place-sensitive-content-advisory-elevates-pbb-737-goldrsquos-rating-classification-from-pg-to-spg#llDWv3JRlX0RmS7v.99

Here are some things on top of mind that we must do to stop and discourage TV stations and media to stop showing offensive and disgraceful things on TV.

1. As parents, we are responsible for what goes on inside our house.

MTRCB recently changed the rating of PBB from PG to SPG, which means that strong parental guidance is encouraged when watching TV shows like PBB. In our house that means there is no way my kids are watching any show that is rated SPG. We are the guardians at home. What our children feed on is what will make them. Discuss with your spouse on what you should do and the guidelines you must set at home. The higher the standard is, the better.

2. When questionable, offensive and inappropriate scenes are shown on national TV, let your voice be heard.

We now have social media on our side. We can facebook, tweet and even call the attention of the TV station and MTRCB so that they could make appropriate actions like what we have seen in this case.

We cannot be silent. We need to let our voice be heard. Don’t be afraid to be called moralist or old-fashioned. The way to change our nation is to see more men and women stand for honor. We have to put dignity back in the lives of every Filipino. Mahalin natin ang mga kababayan natin. Tayo dapat ang unang papalag pag nagagamit na ang mga walang laban at minor de edad for the sake of entertainment. What I mean is that we put people in high regard. We don’t put them in a situation where they are asked to do something to rack up the rating of the show.

If you remember the case of Willie’s show in the past – because people spoke up, something happened. Let your voice be heard.

3. Do not support TV shows that teaches values that are not aligned with your values.

We all have values. Some families have different values than others. So if what was indicated on any shows makes you uneasy, stop supporting it by not watching it. Then follow point 1 and 2 of this blog and let your voice be heard.

4. Thank the MTRCB for doing a great job in handling situations like this.

As a volunteer of MTRCB, I have seen how hard working the people are working in that department. From Chairman Toto Villareal and to the volunteer board of MTRCB who in their limited power could only classify shows, have done such an excellent job in educating us and making intelligent viewing a core value in our nation. Maraming salamat po MTRCB!

Here is the resolution from MTRCB


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