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Repost: In classifying movies, MTRCB is only doing its duty

Posted on : 17-07-2014 | By : TAG | In : Feedback


Below is a repost of a reaction sent by our TAG member Gerly de Castro regarding a letter sent to Inquirer.net:
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This is in reaction to Stephen L. Monsanto’s letter (“An atrocity that MTRCB should spare moviegoers,” Opinion, 6/13/14) regarding MTRCB (Movie and Television Review and Classification Board) ratings that are flashed onscreen in movie houses.
The MTRCB is doing its duty and obligation so the viewers should be thankful for it. The video may not be appealing to some of them, like Monsanto, but it brings the message—which is, this is what you’re going to get when you watch the movie!
We all know how movies are these days and we should appreciate the review and classification being conducted by the MTRCB based on seven factors—theme, language, nudity, sex, violence, horror and drugs. The MTRCB IRR (implementing rules and regulations) state, in part: Section 4. The Board is fully aware of the State’s concern in molding and reinforcing the moral character of the people as well as protecting the artist’s freedom of expression. The Board’s obligation therefore as mandated by law is to safeguard these values without negating the vital roles and services that the motion picture and television industries render to the community as important components in building the national economy. Section 5. The review and classification system rests on the doctrine ofparenspatriaeas well as the natural right of parents in rearing their children under the Constitution. The Board recognizes the fundamental role of parents in their children’s choice of motion picture or television program, and thereby helps them decide what they will allow their children to watch.
In addition, there is a US-based website that provides movie reviews, movies that eventually come to our theaters: www.screenit.com. It is very helpful, especially for parents with young children.
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