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Life As We Know It

Posted on : 28-11-2010 | By : admin | In : Reviews


“Life As We Know It” is a now showing movie that every supporter of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill must see. Baby Sophie simply melts your heart and makes you wonder how anyone is afraid of having babies. The movie portrays the fatherly and motherly instinct that comes out naturally from a person, notwithstanding anger or resentment, seeing the helplessness of a baby, more so if he is still inside the mother’s womb. To hinder the growth of this miracle of life is unthinkable, causing monstrously bizarre problems.

Recent news mention about aging populations that can bring about untold misery in some Western countries wherein people aged 65 and over are about to outnumber children under 5, raising the minimum legal retirement age, and keep the elderly working. Older persons entitled to pensions and health care services will soon be more than the younger work force whose taxes help pay for those benefits. For us to copy their outrageous contraceptive mentality, with the despotic provisions of the RH bill that imprisons and fines people who oppose it, is simply playing dumb and blind to the realities of life.

Indeed, life as we know it starts from conception and there is a need to nurture a child within a stable and happy ambiance of a family consisting of a father, a mother and siblings. To accept the fact that every matrimonial act is open to life can give lasting, true happiness to husband and wife who give themselves totally and unconditionally to each other for life. Live-in arrangements foster selfishness not conducive to raising happy, responsible children and citizens.

President P-Noy should work double time to eradicate corruption and focus on food production and job creation to feed the youth who will be the future leaders of our country.

- Mrs. Ching D. Aunario

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