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Letters: The Debutante

Posted on : 14-07-2008 | By : admin | In : Letters, Reviews, TV


Sent: 10 July 2008
Channel: QTV 11
Show: (TV) The Debutante

Dear Sir:

I know that reality shows are the “in” thing and I guess when you decided to create “The Debutante”, which is shown on QTV 11 every Monday at 7 o’clock,  it’s just you guys joining the bandwagon.  Personally, I fail to see the beauty or even relevance of these types of shows.  What I usually see is the ugliness in the hearts of man being personified.  People are being exploited as participants of these programs since they are forced, through their own greed, to hurt or be hurt just so they can win.   And you guys can really start them young.  The young ladies in your show are no better.  I noticed that as the show progresses, they begin to exhibit weaknesses in their character – easily swayed by their peers.  They also become so full of themselves as they whine and cry a lot, and are being portrayed as egotistic brats.

Good TV shows or even movies starring kids are appreciated when they show certain virtues being acquired by the children in the end.  While the story develops, the individuals grow in good habits like loyalty, friendship, courage, honesty, etc. With reality shows it’s the opposite because as pressure mounts the sense of competition becomes more fierce. Suddenly the theme is to win at whatever cost.  There is only me and the heck with the others.  And kids, since they are young and are easily molded, being immersed in this setting, run the risk of learning, acquiring, developing the wrong attitudes.  They may have picked up a skill or two in the show but these are mere tricks that would help them get ahead of the game.  And what,  pray tell us,  is the show imparting to its audience who are, unfortunately, very young?  Not to do the best in what you are doing but be the BEST no matter what. It’s scary but the show seems to have forgotten that these are young human beings not to be taken lightly or be used for rating’s sake.

And finally, these contestants are vying to be the Ultimate IT girl. “It”, the last time I checked in the dictionary, pertains to an object.  Where’s the human dignity in that?

I hope that your show will help mold the minds and, more importantly, the hearts of the participants and the audience,  as your contribution to nation-building.  Please strive to inculcate virtues and values for only thus will you be able to help develop a  compassionate, just  and humane society.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Elizabeth Zavala
Television Advocacy Group


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i really really love your show promise =)
Thanks and more power!
God bless you all!

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