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Letters: PhilStar Article, Drama – An Apostolate

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Sent: 13 June 2008
Newspaper: PhilStar
Article Title: Drama – An Apostolate
Written by: Fr. James B. Reuter, SJ

Dear Sir:


This is in reaction to the article of Fr. James B. Reuter on 07 June 2008 entitled “Drama – An Apostolate!”

I am happy to note that someone in media like Fr. Reuter is reminding that “Our current media men and women should realize that their job is an apostolate… And they would not lose their following if they tried to present the truths of the Gospel… In the heart of every Filipino there is a hunger for God.”

The current state of the television industry, which should be a vehicle to teach values, leaves much to be desired. We see gyrating girls clad in skimpy attires dancing as background for hosts in prime time TV shows such as Wowowee, The Singing Bee and Eat Bulaga. Girls flaunt their cleavages and almost exposed breasts. Are these the role models impressed upon the young and old who ogle and stare at them?

TV should educate the viewers and not used as avenue to stimulate their sexual urges through the brazen exposure of the dancers’ bodies. TV network operators, producers, hosts, actors, actresses, dancers, etc. should give respect and dignity to the human body. They have the responsibility to use television as a medium in nation-building. The TV show Goin’ Bulilit should portray roles appropriate for young children and not usurp adult behaviour in a negative way.

Beauty is not measured by how much exposure is given to the girls’ bodies. And this is an invitation for ‘fashion designers to combine modesty with beauty and style’, as a noted writer puts it.

Indeed, media men and women can be God’s spokespersons through their works imbued with His teachings on prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice. Moreover, an honest profession done for the glory of God can be sanctified and that the extraordinary fulfilment of one’s daily ordinary duties are effective avenues to spread Christ’s message, as taught by St. Escriva, whose feast day we celebrate on June 26. Media people are encouraged to offer their vocation as the Saint wrote: “You are to be yeast within the great multitude that make up humanity…. In this way, with God’s grace and your own correspondence to it, you will act as leaven throughout the world, adding quality, flavour, and volume to the bread of Christ so that it can nourish the souls of others.” (Forge, 973)

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. Ching D. Aunario
chingauna [at] yahoo [dot] com

cc: MTRCB, Channel 2, Channel 7

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