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Letters: Movie Trailers’ Ratings Must Match Movie’s Ratings

Posted on : 11-06-2008 | By : admin | In : Letters, Movies


Sent: 18 March 2008
Show: (Movie) 10,000 BC

Dear Chairman (MTRCB)

My family and I, including my kids ages 6 to 11, watched last March 8 the movie 10,000 BC, which was given the rating GP by your office. Sad to say that though you were right in your rating for the movie, the trailers that were shown prior to it did not have the same rating. There was a trailer shown which I highly doubt was fit for kids of any age much less my own. If I were not wary of what was to be shown, and thus told my kids to cover their eyes, my kids would have had nightmares because of it. It was a trailer of a horror film titled Shutters. It was short but it was a compilation of ghost sightings which would give goose pimples even to the most mature of audiences. I hope there is a way that the MTRCB can monitor the trailers that accompany the movies approved by them in a way that the trailer is consistent with the rating of the movie. We watched the movie in Gateway Mall at Cubao.

Thank you for giving this letter the urgency it requires.

Television Advocacy Group
Makati Chapter

cc: Gateway Mall Cinemas

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