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Impressions on Pope Francis

Posted on : 20-03-2015 | By : TAG | In : Feedback



Pope Francis
Television, newspapers, magazines, the internet and mass media were full of stories covering the visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines on January 15-19, 2015. It had a profound effect on the lives of many people with faith renewed as they somehow came closer to God. Here are some thoughts as inspired by the Pope’s visit:

Evelyn Mendoza



Even after Pope Francis has left, the Filipinos couldn’t stop re-reading and watching all the videos, the transcripts, and the homilies he gave during the encounters with families, with the Leyte folk, the youth and all the Filipinos. The Pope’s message of “Mercy and Compassion” touched the hearts of many Filipinos– whether Catholic or not- which showed the steadfast faith of the people. He brought happiness to the survivors in Tacloban who suffered from the traumatic experience of Yolanda. His presence there inspite of the typhoon was priceless and has surely brought healing and hope.


He stressed that we are all God’s children and we should respect, love and support one another. God has given us gifts we must use for the advancement of the common good, especially the poor, the children and the elderly.


At the encounter for families, Pope Francis reminded us of everyone’s right to life- from the unborn to the elderly, and since the family is the country’s greatest treasure, we must nourish and protect it. The Church needs us Catholics to evangelize to the peripherals and to be good ambassadors in Asia to proclaim God’s word. To the youth he reminded them to use well the information available to them. And of course, wherever he went, he asked everyone to pray for him.


The Pope has left each one of us with the responsibility to take our faith seriously and live it to the full. I’m sure there have been many conversions because of his presence among us. The Filipinos will forever remember this five-day visit of Pope Francis.




Gerly de Castro



It has been over a month since Pope Francis’ pastoral and apostolic visit and somehow its natural and supernatural effects still linger on and will certainly continue for a long time for many Filipinos, including me.


Though I did not see him personally (..sigh..), I watched him on television all throughout his five days in our country.


A most memorable occasion for me was his Holy Mass in Tacloban amidst the typhoon. His homily was truly a providential manifestation of God’s love, mercy and compassion. It was a moment of prayer for me where I felt I was there with all of them, also teary-eyed and drenched, and savoring God’s love for us through the Vicar of Christ on earth. I could truly say it was a “transfiguration” moment for me.

Another touching occasion was Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle’s response and message to Pope Francis after the Holy Mass in Luneta: “Before you go, Holy Father, send us, your beloved Filipinos, to spread the light of Jesus, and wherever you see the light of Jesus shining, even in Rome, even in Santa Marta, remember: the Filipino people are with you in spreading the light of Jesus.” Indeed, we have to pray and work hard to bring the light of Jesus to many people.

We thank God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, the Most Blessed Trinity for the countless graces and blessings bestowed upon us with our Holy Father’s setting foot on Philippine soil. I look forward to making a pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception so I can also step on the grounds where our Holy Father stepped on.


Lindsley & Layla Go


It was a sight to behold!

Thousands of Filipinos gathered just to get a glimpse of our Sweet Christ on Earth. In his 4-day visit in the Philippines, how many stories have you heard of people camping out to see our Holy Father in the flesh? Countless. Everyone was rejoicing in the presence of the pope, the whole of National Capital Region was even offered a couple of special holidays just to be able to celebrate the coming of our pope. But the most touching thing about his visit was the message that he conveyed to our countrymen. That he knows our fight with poverty, corruption and inequality and that he called us to take a collective action to change the way things are because there is no other way but to change our society. Doing nothing will be against Christ’s teachings. So we must not sit idly by while the poor and the oppressed are subjected to the injustices of our leaders. We can only do this by living the virtues and teachings that Christ has taught us. It’s already been a few months since the pope’s visit. It may just have been a couple of days that he stayed here, but the impact he had on people’s lives will last forever.


Ching D. Aunario


The Pope’s messages to families and the youth were very inspiring.

He echoed St. John Paul II’s message that the future of humanity passes through the family. Families should be “living examples of love, forgiveness and care” and “sanctuaries of respect for life, proclaiming the sacredness of every human life from conception …”

The Pope’s message to the youth likewise underscored three areas where they can significantly contribute, namely, in the challenge of integrity, concern for the environment and care for the poor. He encouraged the young, thus: “You are called …to set a good example, an example of integrity.” … “Not to compromise your ideals! Not to give in to temptations against goodness, holiness, courage and purity!” The Pope also emphasized “the need to see, with the eyes of faith, the beauty of God’s saving plan, the link between the natural environment and the dignity of the human person.” To those in need, he said that “the greatest gift we can give to them is our friendship, our concern, our tenderness, our love for Jesus.”



Ginger Ramos


My life was touched by the visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.

I was born a Catholic of Catholic parents, studied in Catholic schools from elementary to college and now an active Church worker in our parish, The Our Lady of Unity Parish. I have always believed that the Pope is Christ’s representative here on earth. From childhood, I learned that the Pope is head of the Church and that the bishops and priests are in unity with him.

The thought that Pope Francis would visit the Philippines would make a great difference not only to me as a person but to all Filipinos from all walks of life. We need him to come to renew our faith and remind us of Christ’s teachings, since many of us especially those in power, have seemingly forgotten the moral values we were taught in our younger years. Mercy and Compassion, the Holy Father’s theme will be imprinted in our minds and hearts. We have seen how the Holy Father spent time with government officials in Malacañang Palace, with typhoon victims in Tacloban and Palo, Leyte, with families at the Mall of Asia Arena, and with the youth at the University of Sto. Tomas. All of us in one way or another felt the Pope’s goodness and concern for everybody. If only half of our citizens listened and put into practice what he has preached, the Philippines will have less problems.

All in all, I can say that proper values imparted to us in the Pope’s messages will be heeded and put into practice and his effort to visit us and all our preparations for his coming will not go to waste.


Girlie Lucila


The Pope Francis effect was universal.

Two friends of mine braved the walk in the rain after waking up at early dawn. There were no frowns in peoples’ faces, in spite of the cold and discomfort of standing for hours. Surprisingly, there was no urge even to go to the toilet or even feel hunger. Such comments are very unbelievable especially for middle-aged people. It felt even a lot better hearing them say that the long hours of standing were worth it all. Of course, I can only hope that the visit of Pope Francis and his homilies will inspire them to really work on mercy and compassion to all whom they encounter in their lives.


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