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Congressmen Time with Bingbong Crisologo

Posted on : 10-11-2008 | By : admin | In : Feedback, TV


I watched Congressmen Time last 30 October 2008, 8 pm on ChanneI 4 where Bingbong Crisologo and Senator Francisco Tatad were featured on your views regarding the Reproductive Health bill.

It was a very enlightening talk show and we are glad that Bingbong Crisologo pointed out his objections against the RH bill, namely, 1) the unjust penalties imposed on those who oppose it; and, 2) that you stated that no money should be involved in the implementation of the bill.

May we also point out the harmful effects of the Bill in its entirety:  Firstly, the RH bill is a threat to the moral health of society. It has serious adverse effect on the family as it encourages promiscuity, having many sexual partners without commitment.  Extra-marital sex is encouraged as the free use of pills, condoms and other contraceptives is made legal and conveniently available.   Many families can be broken down due to infidelities.   Sex is good if done within marriage of a matured man and woman who give themselves unconditionally to each other for life.  Sacrifice is an ennobling value of the Billings natural method as it strengthens the love of the spouses, enhances their relationship and bonds their family closer.  The family is the basic cell of society and a healthy family makes up a healthy, happy society.

Secondly, the RH bill promotes the use of abortifacient drugs that prevent the implantation of the fetus and are harmful to women’s health.  The RH bill can misguide millions of Filipinos into offending God by committing sin against the 5th Commandment not to kill.  Divine law is above human law. The Congressmen and women who approve it are all accountable for their misleading decisions/actions.  The higher their authority  and influence,  the greater their responsibility to the Creator who made man’s reproductive capacity for a noble reason.  All that He created is good and has a purpose.  For Congress to deny it is the gravest injustice committed.

Thirdly, the RH bill imposes stiff penalties and imprisonment to those who object to it.  This is in violation of human rights and freedom  The bill also requires sex education to school children that weakens parental authority over them and urges the young to have early sexual activity.  Sex education can make children more traumatized, hence, more harmful to them,  than educated.

Fourthly, the huge P2 billion allocation to implement the RH Bill to prevent pregnancy, which is not a disease, can be put to better use like  investing the funds in the sound formation and education of the young who will be the nation’s future leaders with moral fiber.  Build more classrooms, give scholarships to poor, deserving youth, increase/upgrade the salaries of teachers. The substantial fund can also be used for countryside development to induce foreign investments and provide more jobs. Indeed, productivity, not contraceptives, will end poverty. Human capital is our best saving grace.  The OFWs keep our economy afloat with their enormous inward foreign remittances.  They endure the sacrifice of working abroad, away from their families and loved ones.  So why would Congress eagerly want to reduce the number of  “heroes” of the country?

We pray that all congressmen will totally reject the RH bill and that Bingbong Crisologo will help enlighten his colleagues in congress to follow his good example as well. Being a congressman is for the best avenue to spread the Commandments of God.  We cannot be cafeteria-style Catholics who choose to believe and practice only the Commandments that agree with our materialistic and hedonistic lifestyles.

The Congressmen are duty bound to uphold their mandate under our Constitution – to defend life from the moment of conception,  the sanctity of marriage and the well-being of the family

Ching D. Aunario

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