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We aim to positively influence the content of our local TV programming in terms of values portrayed; decency in speech, dressing and action; contribution to intellectual development of viewers; promotion of a healthy love for country; and, respect for religious beliefs.

Commentaries: Teleseryes Today and Other TV Concerns

Posted on : 26-11-2012 | By : tvadvo_vina | In : Reviews


TAG is thrilled to share with all of you how we had gotten positive feedback from the letters of concern which we have sent to MTRCB. We also sent out a response letter to a Philstar article about the different teleseryes being aired today in Philippine television. This article reinforces our advocacy to promote good values on TV.

In response to the letter sent by TAG to MTRCB dated 6 July 2012, we received a positive response from MTRCB Chair Grace Poe-Llmanzares which reinforced our mission and belief that we can still do something in spreading good Filipino values in Philippine TV. You may view the letter from MTRCB by clicking on this link. Rightfully, we immediately responded to Ms. Llamanzares’ letter to show our gratitude for her proactive response to our letter. Here is the link to our reply.

In addition,  TAG wrote a letter of commendation to the article written by Ms. Bibsy Carballo in Philstar entitled “The teleserye and molding a nation”. Please allow us to share a snippet from the original article which is something that we can ponder on:

On his part, Nestor Torre, teacher, scriptwriter, director for theater, television and film, entertainment editor and columnist, shared that “Teleserye villains have been made so neurotically attractive and compelling that viewers ‘enjoy’ their monstrous antics more than the predictable niceness and helplessness of the bidas whose existence they make a living hell. Both bidas and kontrabidas in many teleseryes have a negative influence on viewers because they are, in different ways, antithetical to the strong, self-aware and proactive Filipinos needed for our collective moral and social development. The weak and eternally suffering bida and the powerfully vicious and vengeful kontrabida are precisely the characters not needed to develop into a dynamic people and nation. Better and more enlightening role models are needed in TV dramas for the country, especially the youth, to rise above a colonial, self-defeating past, and truly come out as a proud, engaged and self-empowered nation.”

This only goes to show that positive feedback works. TAG would appreciate if you can share this advocacy with us! To contact us, please click here

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