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We aim to positively influence the content of our local TV programming in terms of values portrayed; decency in speech, dressing and action; contribution to intellectual development of viewers; promotion of a healthy love for country; and, respect for religious beliefs.

Sept 20′s Workshop in Tanglaw

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A episode of the TV show Maalaala Mo Kaya called ‘Swing’ was shown. This series is televised every Saturday night on ABS-CBN 2.  Using this as a starting point, the workshop participants got a dose of what to expect when reviewing a TV show.

TAG members gave brief intro on what TAG is all about. Tippie then gave a shor list of Do’s and Don’t s when monitoring and critiquing TV programs. Each participant was given a chance to express their views and opinions on the subject matter guided by TAG’s Assessment Sheet. We were once again enlightened by Tippie’s numerous nuggets, one of which is ‘Watch what you watch!’

If you wish to be part of this great learning experience, keep an eye out for other upcoming schedules which are announced here.

August 9 Workshop Recap

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Every so often, TAG would hold talks, seminars, get togethers and last August 9, the group held one in Woodrose School. It was a get together and a TV viewing exercise. For starters, Gerly de Castro welcomed the group of ladies and TAG President Ching Aunario gave an update: TAG is on its 4th year, having turned 3 in November last year; the Website launch in August 2007; TAG opened its membership to the young, TAG Jr.

Ching made mention of our monthly meetings, the more important ones were with MTRCB Chairman Laguardia in February 2008 and with the National Council for Children’s Television’s (NCCT) Chairman Alice Pañares in June 2008.

The MTRCB Chairman welcomes our letters, even if we report or comment on repeated offenses. They told us that they would call and remind TV stations on the same misconduct numerous times. MTRCB suggested TAG come up with specific guidelines and standards on TV viewing (we came up with the TAG Assessment Sheet) and also to follow up the implementation of the Children’s TV Act of 1997.

NCCT is the implementing arm of the Children’s Television Act of 1997 which requires the formulation of national policies pertaining to children’s broadcast programs. Chairman Pañares advised that they have just concluded an experimental survey on TV viewing habits of Metro Manila students and promoted workshops for students and teachers on Media Education.  Part of the activity is learning to critique shows and give comments to the proper people. This has been upgraded to Literacy Viewing conducted with various students group, teachers group and parents group. This is still on going and is now reaching provinces outside Metro Manila. And we look forward to their future plans as they would like to collaborate with TAG for the parents watch group.

Before proceeding to the TV viewing exercise, TAG Consultant Tippie Olivares gave the group some tips on TV Viewing:

have pen and paper ready whenever you watch tv; write down insights and noteworthy suggestions

review entire episode, from beginning to end; or complete portion of a variety show (as in Wowowee or Eat Bulaga), to get the whole story/picture, reserve judgment, keep in mind the basic CORE VALUES of TAG as these will be the basis of your assessment in the TAG Assessment Sheet.

When faced with controversial materials, look at the following: appropriateness, fitness to the whole, necessity, treatment. Don’t condemn, offer suggestions and alternatives instead. Find creative ways to express negative comments. Project a concerned rather than agitated, self righteous, or angry tone; be objective. Don’t focus only on the negatives; balance review and commend the good points of the show as well. When writing a review, keep purpose and audience in mind – is it for mothers’ guidance or concern for children?

The group was able to apply the new TAG Assessment Sheet when they viewed a Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) episode, “Cake”; starring Rustom Padilla (as Rod), Gardo Versoza (as Ronald); produced by Olive Lamasan. The following were the items taken up and discussed:

Key Ideas: Homosexuality is fine. Love justifies everything (closing remarks of Charo Santos). It’s okay, we’re not hurting anyone. Marriage proposal (the dream of every gay; this episode is a gay advocacy).

Areas of Concern: Relativism – the pwede na/ okay lang/ consenting attitude of Rod’s lady friend, his work supervisor, even his parents. Rod portrays all the good qualities whereas the wife is portrayed negatively so that Ronald could not help but praise Rod (he cooks well, he cares, loves him, unlike his wife, etc…). Ronald’s wife leaving the children and running away with her jeepney driver lover. Rod’s sister’s feedback upon his return home was presented negatively, an antoganist when, in fact, she was the only one who showed disapproval and real concern for Rod. Show ending in “close to a kissing scene” between Rod and Ronald and Ronald’s saying, “will you marry me?”

Good Points of the show: Friendship. Unconditional love. Concern for family; provide financial support. Hardworking (as OFW).

Negative Points of the show: Wife/mother left home and went with her lover (adultery). Ronald’s jumping off from a rooftop (suicide). Rod has had 2 other homosexual relations (abnormal). The final outcome of the exercise is “Not Recommended” for children and even young adults (TAG Assessment Score is below 50). The show is confusing for those with little or nor formation.

All in all, the get together was entertaining and a learning experience. We realize how we can have very differing opinions and it becomes fruitful when we work as a team.

TV Review: I Love Betty La Fea

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This comedy series is about a new marketing graduate who is set on pursuing her first job in a posh advertising agency despite her seeming “out of place” situation due to her outdated sense of fashion and lack of good looks. She made a good intellectual impression though on the owners of the agency and gets hired as secretary to the President of Eco Moda Manila, Armando Solis.

Her mean colleagues tried several tactics to force her to resign but as she needed the job badly to support her family, she stayed on.

The twist comes in the presence of Daniella Valencia, the SVP of the agency company whose job is to make sure that everything is under control in Eco Moda Manila. Her distrust towards Armando’s capabilities, however, often creates a rift between them. Knowing that he’s the fiancé of her younger sister, Marcella, only intensifies her belief that he’s nothing but a first-class gigolo.

The noteworthy feature of this comedy is the closeness of the family of Betty – one can see how they support each other, how they rejoiced when Betty got the job, how Betty encourages her brother with his dream; how the parents care for one another and for their children.

It is also a welcome scene to see how Betty positively responds to her being the butt of jokes and how she carries herself with kindness throughout. Hopefully, this wholesome trend continues till the end of the series.

Series info:

Category: Comedy Series
TV Channel: ABS CBN 2
Time Slot: 8:30 pm (M-F)

Bea Alonso as Beatrice Pengson
John Llyod Cruz as Armando Solis
Ruffa Gutierrez as Daniella
Vhong Navarro as Kulas
Megan Young as Marcella
Ai Ai de las Alas as the mother of Betty
Ronaldo Valdez as the father of Betty

Darnel Joy Villaflor

Erick Salud, Don Cuaresma

Heart to Heart Talk on Reproductive Health Bill

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This is in reaction to the television show, Heart to Heart Talk, that I saw on 02 August 2008, Saturday, at 7-8pm on NBN 4. It was hosted by Ms. Baby Nebrida Ballesty with guests, Sen. Kit Tatad, Atty. Jo Imbong, and Mr. Gene Ballesty.

Their topic was on Humanae Vitae, an encyclical written by Pope Paul VI, encouraging that every conjugal act must be open to life. Although it was written some forty years ago, the encyclical is highly relevant today with the current hot topic on Reproductive Health bill being eagerly pursued by some congressmen and senators. Unlike fashion that changes depending on man’s whims, morals remain the same since the source is the Author of life Himself.

An eye opener, the show was brilliantly started with the statement that sex is beautiful if done within marriage. And marriage is the union of matured man and woman who give themselves to each other unconditionally and for life.

Sen. Tatad has rightly stated that the State is not the source of Truth. The State cannot interfere on a couple’s expression of love for each other and for their children. Moreover, our Constitution mandates the respect for life and promotion of the family. Our legislators should realize that divine law is above human law.

Moreover, as vividly explained by Atty. Imbong, the Reproductive Health Bill encourages the use of abortifacients that obstruct the flow of life, and are harmful to the health of women, in addition to their adverse effect on family life. As such, they should change the title of the bill to the ‘Un-reproductive & Harmful Bill’.

In his address to the United Nation’s General Assembly on 4 October 1965, Pope Paul VI appealed:

Respect for life, even with regard to the great problem of the birth rate, must find here in your assembly its highest affirmation and its most reasoned defense. You must strive to multiply bread so that it suffices for the tables of mankind, and not rather favor an artificial control of birth, which would be irrational, in order to diminish the number of guests at the banquet of life.

St. Josemaria Escriva, the Saint of the Ordinary, whose Feast Day we celebrate on June 26, wrote in Christ is Passing By:

A married couple should build their life together on the foundation of a sincere and pure affection for each other, and on the joy that comes from having brought into the world the children God has enabled them to have. They should be capable of renouncing their personal comfort; and they should put their trust in the providence of God. To have a large family – if such is the will of God – is a guarantee of happiness and of effectiveness, in spite of everything that the mistaken proponents of a life based on selfish pleasure may say to the contrary.

Kudos to NBN Channel 4! May we have more of such enlightening and uplifting shows that serve to help make us more informed, discerning and intelligent citizens.

Written by: Ching D. Aunario, chingauna [at] yahoo.com

TV Review: Iisa Pa Lamang

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TITLE : “IISA PA LAMANG”                                CATEGORY : TELESERYE

TV CHANNEL: ABS CBN        DAYS: Monday to Friday      Time Slot: 8:30 p.m.

LEAD STARS: Claudine Barretto as Catherine, Kate

Gabby Concepcion as Rafael

Diether Ocampo as Miguel

Angelica Panganiban as Scarlet

Matt Evans as Toby

Melissa Ricks as Sofia

Cherry Pie Picache as Isadora, mother of Miguel

Laurice Guillen as mother of Rafael

Joel Torre as father of Catherine

Susan Roces as Lola of Catherine

DIRECTORS: Ruel Bayani and Manny Palo


According to ABS CBN, Iisa Pa Lamang is a story of love, family, pain, vengeance, and forgiveness.

It starts with a complicated love triangle among Catherine, Miguel and Rafael. Isadora, the mother of Miguel, did everything to separate Miguel and Catherine and made Miguel marry Scarlet to save their family business. After which, she drives away Catherine and her Lola out of their home.

Catherine finds a job as a metro aide when she happens to find a bag with P800K in cash and gives back the cash to the owner. Here she got to meet the extremely wealthy Martin, played by Bembol Roco who was overwhelmed by Catherine’s honesty and volunteers to shoulder her tuition fees to finish schooling. After graduation, he courts and eventually asks for her hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Rafael does everything to win back Catherine but to no avail as she is decided to take her revenge on Isadora.

At this point, the intrigues begin….. Catherine agrees to marry Martin despite the strong objections of her Lola; Miguel finds out who her mother in law is; Isadora starts to blackmail Catherine for P5Mn.


This teleserye deals with the usual plot of family intrigues and vengeance so the need to watch out for abuse in language used, for manifestations of hatred and greed. Hopefully, in the end, there will be reconciliation among the family members, sorrow for all the misdeeds and forgiveness, as claimed. But by then, many have been hurt and hurt deeply.

Letters: Proudly Filipina

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Sent: 20 July 2008
Channel: QTV 11
Show: (TV) Proudly Filipina

Dear Sir:

The show is really great!  I love everything about it!

Each episode of Proudly Filipina has many beautiful stories that are truly inspiring.  Each Friday night every Filipino woman watching your TV show gets to meet other Filipinas who have such unique, motivating, intriguing, fascinating, moving lives and stories to tell … in more ways that can be described.  It captures the Filipina in a different light.  Your show paints us in many vibrant colors, from all walks of life.  We are a far cry from the Maria Clara image that we were known for during the time of our ancestors.  Not only are we loving, caring, trustworthy, kind, understanding and hardworking, but your program shows that we are strong, daring, reliable, dependable, highly intellectual, innovative, vastly talented and full of integrity. Indeed, the Filipina has gone a long long way with her various talents and interests.

What I love most of all about this program is that it centers on what really counts.  Despite showing what a Filipina has become and can become…despite her many successes and accomplishments…despite all the fame and glory, she still values so much her FAMILY.  This show deserves its rewards and so much more!

I wish to add too that Ms. Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach’s sense of modesty is so refreshing.  Unlike other talk show hosts that dabble on outfits that were not inspired by the creative juices of their dress designers, her clothes have an aura of professionalism that gives/demands respect from both her guests and the audience.

I wish all the best for your show and may it continue giving light and hope to all of us.

Very truly yours,
Betsy Ramos
TAG – Makati

Letters: Ako Si Kim Samsoon

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Sent: 19 July 2008
Channel: GMA 7
Show: (TV) Ako Si Kim Samsoon

Dear Ms. Galvante:

I watched Ako Si Kim Samsoon the other week as I have seen and liked its Korean version with English subtitle. I have also seen its dubbed version in Tagalog, although not the complete series. It’s a light and funny show, very entertaining.

There is though a marked difference in the language used, in the way the mother of Cyrus (Carmi Martin) delivers her dislike for Kim Samsoon – such words as “isang katerbang mura ang matatanggap niya sa akin”, “magkakaroon ng malaking guerra”. And when Cyrus introduced Kim Samsoon to his mother for the first time, she slapped her at sinabunutan pa. I have never seen nor heard these words from the Korean version. Why can we not be more civil and decent in our use of words and actions? And the mother’s assistant, does the show need someone gay? In the Korean version, the assistant was an uncompromising lady.

These are my thoughts which I would like to relate to you. What I was hoping was for us to match the Korean presentation style with its customs and traditions, or, better yet, to surpass it but I was disappointed.

Gerly de Castro
TV Advocacy Group-Alabang Chapter


Letters: The Debutante

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Sent: 10 July 2008
Channel: QTV 11
Show: (TV) The Debutante

Dear Sir:

I know that reality shows are the “in” thing and I guess when you decided to create “The Debutante”, which is shown on QTV 11 every Monday at 7 o’clock,  it’s just you guys joining the bandwagon.  Personally, I fail to see the beauty or even relevance of these types of shows.  What I usually see is the ugliness in the hearts of man being personified.  People are being exploited as participants of these programs since they are forced, through their own greed, to hurt or be hurt just so they can win.   And you guys can really start them young.  The young ladies in your show are no better.  I noticed that as the show progresses, they begin to exhibit weaknesses in their character – easily swayed by their peers.  They also become so full of themselves as they whine and cry a lot, and are being portrayed as egotistic brats.

Good TV shows or even movies starring kids are appreciated when they show certain virtues being acquired by the children in the end.  While the story develops, the individuals grow in good habits like loyalty, friendship, courage, honesty, etc. With reality shows it’s the opposite because as pressure mounts the sense of competition becomes more fierce. Suddenly the theme is to win at whatever cost.  There is only me and the heck with the others.  And kids, since they are young and are easily molded, being immersed in this setting, run the risk of learning, acquiring, developing the wrong attitudes.  They may have picked up a skill or two in the show but these are mere tricks that would help them get ahead of the game.  And what,  pray tell us,  is the show imparting to its audience who are, unfortunately, very young?  Not to do the best in what you are doing but be the BEST no matter what. It’s scary but the show seems to have forgotten that these are young human beings not to be taken lightly or be used for rating’s sake.

And finally, these contestants are vying to be the Ultimate IT girl. “It”, the last time I checked in the dictionary, pertains to an object.  Where’s the human dignity in that?

I hope that your show will help mold the minds and, more importantly, the hearts of the participants and the audience,  as your contribution to nation-building.  Please strive to inculcate virtues and values for only thus will you be able to help develop a  compassionate, just  and humane society.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Elizabeth Zavala
Television Advocacy Group


Letters: The Sweet Life

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Sent: 10 July 2008
Channel: QTV 11
Show: (TV) The Sweet Life

Dear Sir:

I really loved the Project Time portion of the show, “The Sweet Life” which is shown on QTV 11 every Wednesday to Friday at 6 o’clock. Its very practical and the instructions are very very easy to follow. With just simple materials and using everyday tools, you get to produce very nifty, chic, and at times, elegant items. And the way Ms. Lucy Gomez demonstrates how to create these things is so natural that you would think any person could do it. It’s so effortless that I know even my kids can, and I was thinking of making the activity a bonding moment with them. I must comment though that I am glad that it is shown at the end of the program.

Sad to say that I am quite distracted and at times uncomfortable with what Ms. Lucy and Ms. Wilma wear in the program. There are a lot of cleavages seen and sometimes their outfits can be described even “skimpy.” I would like to reiterate once again (because this is the second time I am writing to QTV about this) that the two young ladies who host this talk show are very beautiful and would be able to carry any outfit, so why not make their attire modest? I think it takes a lot of creativity to dress smart and stylish without resorting to the “sexy” look.

I would like to go back to my habit of watching the whole show because I found it to be vastly entertaining and their topics quite interesting. But when I get to see their revealing clothes which I find quite offensive, it makes the whole watching experience no longer enjoyable.

Please have Ms. Lucy and Ms. Wilma dress more decently to be role models for the viewers, young and old, and demonstrate that modesty can be very compatible with style and beauty.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Betsy Ramos

Cc: MTRCB, Mr. Nestor Torre, Viewfinder, Phil Daily Inquirer

Replies: Wowowee

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Reply Received: 13 June 2008
Channel: ABS-CBN 2
Show: (TV) Wowowee

This is a reply to our letter Letters: Wowowee.

Good Day!

Thank you for taking time out to watch our show. Your comments mean a lot to us, and please believe us when we say that we are taking your comments into consideration. Rest assured that we will do something about these issues. Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours,

Phoebe Luz S. dela Cuz-Anievas
Executive Producer — Wowowee

Letters: Wowowee

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Sent: 06 June 2008
Channel: ABS-CBN 2
Show: (TV) Wowowee

Ms. Cynthia Jordan
Production Manager, Wowowee
ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation
Mother Ignacia Street,
Quezon City

Dear Ms. Jordan:

Hi! Hope all is well with you.

I watched Wowowee yesterday, around 2:15 pm, after receiving a text message from a lady friend who commented rather disappointingly on the “plunging neckline” of Valerie Concepcion and how she implied that getting pregnant at 16 is alright. I did not get to see this portion though. But indeed I was likewise disappointed to see the host herself in such attire.

There were also several things I noticed and pardon me but I have to list them down:

  1. The ad girl of Wow Magic Sing was in ‘bikini’ which you don’t need to in order to sing; while the Pau liniment girl commented that the liniment ‘…ay ipapahid ni Pappy para maalis ang pain’, something to that effect. Doesn’t that comment connote bad taste?
  2. Pokwang, in her mini skirt, crossed over the props man who fixed the ‘Hindi’ sign; indeed foul even if she meant it to be funny.
  3. Pokwang wiped her legs with her hands and then wiped her hands on the face of the contestant, Bong, presumably for good luck but what kind of luck! She even poked the nose of said contestant.
  4. The bikini-clad dancers gyrating their bodies to introduce ‘Pera or Bayong’—can they be tamed so that they don’t look so disgusting? Or, better yet, if they cannot perform decently, shouldn’t they be changed? For all intents and purposes, they represent ABS-CBN.

These are just little details of refinement which I believe should be instilled in everyone in the show considering that your show is watched all over the country and aired worldwide and, moreover, because you are ABS-CBN, a Kapamilya.


Gerly de Castro
TAG, Alabang Chapter

cc: Chairman Consoliza Laguardia, MTRCB | Mr. Nestor Torre, Viewfinder, PDI

Letters: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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Sent: 10 March 2008
Channel: GMA 7
Show: (TV) Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Dear Ms. XXX,

I watched your show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, last Saturday, 8 March 2008. The portion I viewed was about the Magdadaing in Bantayan, Cebu and Magtutuyo in San Fabian, Pangasinan. Indeed you are doing a great job of promoting the small scale industries which our country needs. They are good examples to follow for people residing in similar areas for their livelihood.

The next part was about bayani’s. How true it is when you said, “Ang bayang laging naghahanap ng bayani ay bayang sawi”. You mentioned the accidental hero here in Manila, the hero cop, Inspector Espadero, the hero doctor, Dr. Martin in Limasawa island, and Eddie who tirelessly dedicates his life to educate and help alleviate the lives of the Mangyans in Mindoro Oriental. Had it not been for you, “nakalimutan ang mga tunay na bayani ng ating bayan”. It is sad to note that all the children interviewed did not recognize the pictures of our national heroes but recognized those of artistas.

Thanks to your show, these small people are given due recognition which they richly deserve. They may be silent but indeed very effective. This is what we need right now so hopefully the people in government get to watch shows like yours and refocus their efforts in supporting these kinds of Heroes, “inuuna nila ang kapwa bago ang sarili”.

All of us in the Television Advocacy Group (TAG) applaud you and your show! May the GMA network promote more shows of this quality, really ‘KAPUSO’.

TAG, Alabang Chapter

cc: Ms. Consoliza Laguardia, MTRCB Chairman | Mr. Nestor U. Torre, Viewfinder, PDI

We received the following reply from Jessica Soho

Dear (TAG Alabang) Thank you very much for the kind words. Feedback like this inspire us to try and come up with even better stories and episodes. I will relay this to our producers and staff. Thank you again.

TV Review: Pokemon

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Channel: GMA 7
Show: (TV) Pokemon

Synopsis: At the age of 10, Ash Ketchum becomes eligible to become a Pokemon trainer. He leaves his mother and goes in search for Pokemon to train despite being a trainee himself. His first Pokemon is a Pikachu but as they share their first challenge they become more of partners and close friends rather than that of a trainer and trainee. The two go through many adventures and fights (Pokemon are trained to battle each other) and they meet other trainees who become their traveling companions. Along the way Ash collects more and more Pokemon and friends but he learns he is able to collect other things like loyalty, friendship, sense of fair play, etc.


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Dyesebel TV AdShow: Dyesebel
Channel: GMA 7
Schedule: Mondays – Fridays at 9:00 PM
Type: Tagalog, Series, Fantasy, Drama

Marian Rivera as Dyesebel
Dingdong Dantes as Fredo
Lotlot de Leon
Jean Garcia
Ricky Davao
Michelle Madrigal
Bianca King

Directors: Joyce Bernal and Don Michael Perez

Synopsis: This is a remake of Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel which begins when Lucia (Jean Garcia) delivers a beautiful, yet unusual, baby girl; unusual because Lucia’s child is born with fins for legs. They named her Dyesebel.

When the community is hit with a series of catastrophes, they blamed the “unusual” Dyesebel and her father was shot to death on account of this. The accusation likewise made the mother, Lucia, decide to offer her only daughter to the sea, where she would fit better. Dyesebel was found by Banak (Lotlot de Leon), a kind and motherly mermaid who decides to adopt her as her own daughter.

Unknown to Lucia, it is at the heart of the sea that Dyesebel’s adventures and misfortunes will begin, and that it is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life, a journey that would take her the depths of the sea, as well as the chaos of the city.

The directors claim it is a world-class production, consisting of spectacular visual effects and underwater scenes, extraordinary costumes, and breath-taking locations in Palawan, Bataan and Batangas.


The first day of the show was part of 24-Oras’ headlines  – many complained that due to the brownout experienced in some areas of Metro Manila they were not able to see most parts of the first episode and they want a re-run. It appears that many households are tuned in to this show and will follow through to the end.

Parents should take caution in allowing their children to watch this series. Kids may get attracted to its beautiful surroundings, colorful underwater scenes and the pretty mermaid and the cute Fredo.

Note the violence at the start of the show, when the father of Dyesebel was shot to death by one of the women in the neighborhood. Note as well Dyesebel’s nude top in the opening billboard which will be shown in the latter part of the series.

In the Cast Information, the descriptions of the characters indicate various negative emotions, such as:

Ø      the father of Fredo, a rich man who has made a lot of enemies on his way to the top”

Ø      the mean queen of the sea, a beautiful but wretched creature whose jealousy knows no bounds; she wants to make sure that Dyesebel never experiences a happy moment under the sea

Ø      one of the most popular models in the country, and she can have anyone she wants—except Fredo; she will be the one who will make Dyesbel’s life miserable

Ø      a young fisherman who holds a deep hatred for Fredo and his family


What are your comments about the review and/or the series? Leave a comment below or tweet us by adding @tvadvocacy to your tweets

Eat Bulaga

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Eat Bulaga LogoShow: Eat Bulaga
Channel: GMA 7
Schedule: Mondays – Fridays at 12:00 Noon
Type: Noon Time Show

Eat Bulaga is considered by many as an institution – becoming a launchpad for many different Filipino comedians and showbiz newbies who have had large success on the show. It also holds the Philippine record of all-time number of live TV episodes.