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The Church is consistent; individual Catholics are not

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SHOOTING STRAIGHT By Bobit S. Avila (The Philippine Star) October 09, 2010

We do have our share of e-mailed letters or commentaries in response to our articles, especially on the various topics we write about, and I always respond to our readers, regardless of whether their comments are good or negative with the exception of those who often send us insulting letters. So allow me to reprint some letters that we got in the past three weeks.

Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo Letter by Gerly de Castro

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Below is a letter by our member Gerly de Castro about the recently concluded ABS-CBN show Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo


July 13, 2010

ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation

Quezon City

Attention: Ms. Daisy Parungao

RE: Postscript – Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo (Teleserye)


I write in connection with the recently concluded teleserye, Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo which has been another success for ABS CBN. I am indeed concerned, though, with the teleserye’s plot and presentation, more so because the story revolves around the family.

These are some of my concerns – the countless brutal killings, the merciless and sickening kidney operations, the suicide of the Supremo with no remorse whatsoever for all his misdoings, Ringo’s suicidal tendencies and corrupt ambitions, Robbie’s anger and hunger for revenge at all costs.

On the other hand, there were good points – Mama Pet’s perseverance to save her apo, Gwen’s self sacrifice which left her no choice due to the threat on her mother’s life.

Overall, the characters played their respective roles very well, there is no doubt that they can act. But perhaps for future teleseryes, the producers can emphasize more the positive values of life – such as healthy habits for character building, matters related to and for intellectual development, love and respect for our country; and lessen the negatives – anger, envy, greed (the capital sins), revenge, brutalities.

Thank you and we look forward to more substantive teleseryes from you, one that depicts and speaks of your being Kapamilya.

Gerly de Castro

TV Advocacy Group

Email: tagalabang@yahoo.com.ph

Cc: MTRCB Chairman Consoliza Laguardia

PDI Columnist Mr. Nestor Torre

A Dialog With Scriptwriters

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The Philippine Daily Inquirer featured an article on 19 May 2010, on page F4, titled “Media dialogue points out what local TV lacks” (Read article HERE).  It mentioned about the 2nd Dialogue with Media Practitioners as attended by the creative heads of the different TV stations and film scriptwriters, novelists, newspaper columnists, teachers, parents and students.  Said event was initiated by the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) headed by Executive Director Mr. Frank G. Rivera, in cooperation with the Department of Education.

We commend the NCCT for finally putting into action the laudable provisions of the Children’s Television Act that endorses child friendly television shows.  Said dialogue with media people should be held regularly to raise the benchmark of TV contents in shaping and molding properly in values our children – the future leaders of our country.

We, the parents, are sadly concerned about the proliferation of TV shows that lack depth and sorely missing in substantive/educational content.  Parents must unite to voice out their opinion and tell the TV Presidents, Network Operators and TV Executive Producers what they honestly think about the kind of programs being shown.  Parents should be vigilant and pro-active in monitoring TV shows in terms of values portrayed, decency in speech, action and dressing, contribution to intellectual development of the viewers, promotion of a healthy love for country, and respect for religious beliefs.

Our favorite TV personalities bravely express what they think on a myriad of topics on television.  Why can’t we, parents, tell also with the same candor what we think of the things they let us see on TV? Parents can call, text, lobby, talk and write to people who can help.  Parents have as much right as the people who run the TV shows.  Parents and TV operators have an important responsibility in shaping the minds and hearts of our children.  Let’s be committed in carrying out this responsibility and bring about a positive change in society,  starting with the appropriate content of TV shows that our children watch, in line with nation-building.

Mrs. Ching D. Aunario


Ms. Chary  Mijares


Atty. Iris V. Baguilat


Ms. Arlene Aguinaldo


Mrs. Ma. Ana D. Paule Mrs. Daisy M. Cabral


Members, Television Advocacy Group (TAG)


Sex for pleasure means using person as object

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Sex for pleasure means using person as object

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 22:23:00 05/04/2010
THIS IS IN REACTION TO THE MARCH 5 editorial titled “Intolerance” which stated: “the problem with the intolerant attitude of the two good bishops is that, as far as contraception is concerned, they want Catholic doctrine to effectively dictate government policy”; and went on to claim that “even if all Filipino Catholics were to accept that teaching in full, it is still ‘only’ a religious teaching; it cannot be used to decide state affairs.”

We believe in the dignity of man and the sacredness of life. Everyone is duty-bound to participate in shaping the moral character of our society. And we thank the good bishops for reminding us to mind our morals. Who else will teach us about morals? As citizens and taxpayers, we have a right to be represented in the policy-making process of the government.

The Catechism on Family and Life for the 2010 Elections, prepared by the CBCP Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, clarifies tolerance as “respect for the right of other persons to profess a different opinion and belief. However, tolerance cannot be understood as believing that other peoples’ points of view are equally good as one’s own, since this would blur the lines between good and evil and renounce the judgment of a sound and well-informed conscience.

“In fact, publicly proclaiming one’s own beliefs is a service for dialogue, because through this way others can know exactly what and how one thinks. One offers one’s thoughts for reflection to others while respecting their beliefs, but without assuming that all beliefs are equally valid.”

As Archbishop Burke said: “Always and everywhere evil cannot be called good for the sake of accomplishing some other good end.”

Contraception aims to obstruct conception, which is beautiful if done within marriage. And marriage is the total and unconditional self-giving of a man to a woman for life. In practicing contraception, it is like the spouses telling each other, “I love you as long as we do not give birth.” And since abortifacient drugs cause cancer in women, it is also like the husband telling the wife: “I love you as long as we do not give birth, even if it will endanger your life.”

The implicit message of the health department in giving away condoms is: Have sex galore; we will provide free, unlimited supply of condoms!

Is this the kind of society that we want? What an ineffective, short-sighted solution to the AIDS problem. The use of condoms abets wanton multiple sex partners, thus, spreading AIDS faster; it also encourages depravity, infidelity, sensuality, permissiveness.

Men and women are persons before all else and for this reason, sex cannot be used for pleasure only. Otherwise, it would mean using a person simply as an object.

We would rather prefer that government teach the public by word and deed: Be faithful to your spouse, avoid AIDS. This has a lasting, positive, effect on society, in line with nation-building.


What are your thoughts about the matter? Comment below or tweet by adding @tvadvocacy on your tweets.

A reply by Dra. Cabral

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Below is a reply by Dra. Cabral on a letter previously posted here at www.tvadvo.com. If you have not read the letter, click HERE to read the article.

Reply here with your reactions or you can tweet us at www.twitter.com/tvadvocacy or use the hashtag #tvadvo

14 April 2010



Dear Ms. De Castro:

This has reference to your letter dated 27 February 2010 regarding condom use and HIV/AIDS. While we respect your views, allow us to express our side on the matter as well.

You seem to be under the impression that the Department of Health (DOH) regards condom use as the be-all and end-all of the anti-HIV/AIDS campaign. That is not the case. Correct and consistent use of condoms is but a part of a three-pronged strategy, which also includes abstinence and fidelity to just one sexual partner. Condoms are a controversial topic and have gotten extensive media attention, perhaps leading to the mistaken belief that we are solely relying on such a strategy to stem the rise of HIV/AIDS cases in the country. Our programs, plans of action and educational materials will show that we also place importance on the merits of abstinence and responsible sexual behavior. Condom use is just one of a myriad of interventions targeted for specific situations and groups of people. Please be informed that beyond the condom brouhaha, the DOH and its partners from various sectors have been working hard to educate the public, provide counseling, testing and support services, provide antiretroviral medication to those infected and scale up the over-all national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The problem is real and it must be addressed decisively.

We give due respect to your views regarding the issue of condoms and HIV/AIDS. But we are also firm in our belief that we must operate within the exigencies of the real world. We have nothing against those who choose not to use condoms on the basis of their moral or religious convictions. But not everybody can and will choose to be bound by these moral standards. Such is a necessary aspect of any democratic society. We recognize that many Filipinos cannot practice abstinence or fidelity to just one sexual partner, and we cannot force them to do otherwise so long as their acts are not contrary to law because, as we have said earlier, legitimate sexual behavior between willing married couples and consenting single adults are within the sphere of rights protected by our Constitution. We also recognize the right for those already infected to lead normal lives, including the freedom to engage in sexual relations with their spouses or partners. For them, there must be a safety net, which would be correct and consistent condom use.

Establishing a culture of immorality or promiscuity is not the goal of the DOH. We are simply providing the public with the platform to make a free and informed choice regarding the HIV/AIDS issue. We are not imposing condom use on Filipinos, nor are we disregarding other preventive methods. You have to give credit to the capability of Filipino adults to make free and rational decisions once the choices have been laid out before them, instead of expecting them to immediately engage in wanton, unbridled sex because of condoms. We believe that we as a people are more than that.

Thank you for allowing us to air our side.

Very truly yours,



A letter to Dra. Esperanza Cabral

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Here is a letter written by one of our members, Mrs. Gerly De Castro dated February 27, 2010 to Dra. Esperanza Cabral of DOH.


Secretary, Department of Health

San Lazaro Compound

Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dear Dra. Cabral:

It pains me to see you on television a few days ago openly and strongly defending the proliferation of condoms in order to avoid AIDS. If the objective is for health reasons, would it not be better and healthier if one simply abstains from sexual relations, specifically between persons who are not married to each other? Why let loose our moral values for a moment of pleasure?

I would like to quote some lines of a chapter (Sex: Creation and Recreation) in the book entitled, “Arise and Walk”, which are very relevant to this matter.

“Our human body is sacred. We have to treat it as such. If we allow the animal part of us to prevail over the spiritual, it would not take long before we convert our body into a bazaar of carnal goods, an epitome of a decadent world devoid of moral values…..A person is someone, and is meant to be helped, understood, respected, cared for and loved. He or she is not something to be used, bought, possessed, taken advantage of and disposed of. But roles have been inverted by our highly materialistic and hedonistic society. Whereas persons are used, things are loved. The subjects (of right, honor and title) have become objects (of fun, exploitation and pleasure).”

The author also wrote: “God has a definite plan for human sexuality and it is quite simple. Sex is meant to be used only between a man and a woman in a lifelong and exclusive alliance of conjugal love. God intended sex for marriage…..It goes without saying that sex is ordained towards the transmission of life because the natural consequence of sexual union is a new life, a child.”

I share the sentiments of many parents and friends who value human life and its corresponding virtues of chastity, modesty and continence.


Gerly de Castro

Silang, Cavite

Email: decastro_ge@yahoo.com

Congressmen Time with Bingbong Crisologo

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I watched Congressmen Time last 30 October 2008, 8 pm on ChanneI 4 where Bingbong Crisologo and Senator Francisco Tatad were featured on your views regarding the Reproductive Health bill.

It was a very enlightening talk show and we are glad that Bingbong Crisologo pointed out his objections against the RH bill, namely, 1) the unjust penalties imposed on those who oppose it; and, 2) that you stated that no money should be involved in the implementation of the bill.

May we also point out the harmful effects of the Bill in its entirety:  Firstly, the RH bill is a threat to the moral health of society. It has serious adverse effect on the family as it encourages promiscuity, having many sexual partners without commitment.  Extra-marital sex is encouraged as the free use of pills, condoms and other contraceptives is made legal and conveniently available.   Many families can be broken down due to infidelities.   Sex is good if done within marriage of a matured man and woman who give themselves unconditionally to each other for life.  Sacrifice is an ennobling value of the Billings natural method as it strengthens the love of the spouses, enhances their relationship and bonds their family closer.  The family is the basic cell of society and a healthy family makes up a healthy, happy society.

Secondly, the RH bill promotes the use of abortifacient drugs that prevent the implantation of the fetus and are harmful to women’s health.  The RH bill can misguide millions of Filipinos into offending God by committing sin against the 5th Commandment not to kill.  Divine law is above human law. The Congressmen and women who approve it are all accountable for their misleading decisions/actions.  The higher their authority  and influence,  the greater their responsibility to the Creator who made man’s reproductive capacity for a noble reason.  All that He created is good and has a purpose.  For Congress to deny it is the gravest injustice committed.

Thirdly, the RH bill imposes stiff penalties and imprisonment to those who object to it.  This is in violation of human rights and freedom  The bill also requires sex education to school children that weakens parental authority over them and urges the young to have early sexual activity.  Sex education can make children more traumatized, hence, more harmful to them,  than educated.

Fourthly, the huge P2 billion allocation to implement the RH Bill to prevent pregnancy, which is not a disease, can be put to better use like  investing the funds in the sound formation and education of the young who will be the nation’s future leaders with moral fiber.  Build more classrooms, give scholarships to poor, deserving youth, increase/upgrade the salaries of teachers. The substantial fund can also be used for countryside development to induce foreign investments and provide more jobs. Indeed, productivity, not contraceptives, will end poverty. Human capital is our best saving grace.  The OFWs keep our economy afloat with their enormous inward foreign remittances.  They endure the sacrifice of working abroad, away from their families and loved ones.  So why would Congress eagerly want to reduce the number of  “heroes” of the country?

We pray that all congressmen will totally reject the RH bill and that Bingbong Crisologo will help enlighten his colleagues in congress to follow his good example as well. Being a congressman is for the best avenue to spread the Commandments of God.  We cannot be cafeteria-style Catholics who choose to believe and practice only the Commandments that agree with our materialistic and hedonistic lifestyles.

The Congressmen are duty bound to uphold their mandate under our Constitution – to defend life from the moment of conception,  the sanctity of marriage and the well-being of the family

Ching D. Aunario

Sept 20′s Workshop in Tanglaw

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A episode of the TV show Maalaala Mo Kaya called ‘Swing’ was shown. This series is televised every Saturday night on ABS-CBN 2.  Using this as a starting point, the workshop participants got a dose of what to expect when reviewing a TV show.

TAG members gave brief intro on what TAG is all about. Tippie then gave a shor list of Do’s and Don’t s when monitoring and critiquing TV programs. Each participant was given a chance to express their views and opinions on the subject matter guided by TAG’s Assessment Sheet. We were once again enlightened by Tippie’s numerous nuggets, one of which is ‘Watch what you watch!’

If you wish to be part of this great learning experience, keep an eye out for other upcoming schedules which are announced here.

August 9 Workshop Recap

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Every so often, TAG would hold talks, seminars, get togethers and last August 9, the group held one in Woodrose School. It was a get together and a TV viewing exercise. For starters, Gerly de Castro welcomed the group of ladies and TAG President Ching Aunario gave an update: TAG is on its 4th year, having turned 3 in November last year; the Website launch in August 2007; TAG opened its membership to the young, TAG Jr.

Ching made mention of our monthly meetings, the more important ones were with MTRCB Chairman Laguardia in February 2008 and with the National Council for Children’s Television’s (NCCT) Chairman Alice Pañares in June 2008.

The MTRCB Chairman welcomes our letters, even if we report or comment on repeated offenses. They told us that they would call and remind TV stations on the same misconduct numerous times. MTRCB suggested TAG come up with specific guidelines and standards on TV viewing (we came up with the TAG Assessment Sheet) and also to follow up the implementation of the Children’s TV Act of 1997.

NCCT is the implementing arm of the Children’s Television Act of 1997 which requires the formulation of national policies pertaining to children’s broadcast programs. Chairman Pañares advised that they have just concluded an experimental survey on TV viewing habits of Metro Manila students and promoted workshops for students and teachers on Media Education.  Part of the activity is learning to critique shows and give comments to the proper people. This has been upgraded to Literacy Viewing conducted with various students group, teachers group and parents group. This is still on going and is now reaching provinces outside Metro Manila. And we look forward to their future plans as they would like to collaborate with TAG for the parents watch group.

Before proceeding to the TV viewing exercise, TAG Consultant Tippie Olivares gave the group some tips on TV Viewing:

have pen and paper ready whenever you watch tv; write down insights and noteworthy suggestions

review entire episode, from beginning to end; or complete portion of a variety show (as in Wowowee or Eat Bulaga), to get the whole story/picture, reserve judgment, keep in mind the basic CORE VALUES of TAG as these will be the basis of your assessment in the TAG Assessment Sheet.

When faced with controversial materials, look at the following: appropriateness, fitness to the whole, necessity, treatment. Don’t condemn, offer suggestions and alternatives instead. Find creative ways to express negative comments. Project a concerned rather than agitated, self righteous, or angry tone; be objective. Don’t focus only on the negatives; balance review and commend the good points of the show as well. When writing a review, keep purpose and audience in mind – is it for mothers’ guidance or concern for children?

The group was able to apply the new TAG Assessment Sheet when they viewed a Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) episode, “Cake”; starring Rustom Padilla (as Rod), Gardo Versoza (as Ronald); produced by Olive Lamasan. The following were the items taken up and discussed:

Key Ideas: Homosexuality is fine. Love justifies everything (closing remarks of Charo Santos). It’s okay, we’re not hurting anyone. Marriage proposal (the dream of every gay; this episode is a gay advocacy).

Areas of Concern: Relativism – the pwede na/ okay lang/ consenting attitude of Rod’s lady friend, his work supervisor, even his parents. Rod portrays all the good qualities whereas the wife is portrayed negatively so that Ronald could not help but praise Rod (he cooks well, he cares, loves him, unlike his wife, etc…). Ronald’s wife leaving the children and running away with her jeepney driver lover. Rod’s sister’s feedback upon his return home was presented negatively, an antoganist when, in fact, she was the only one who showed disapproval and real concern for Rod. Show ending in “close to a kissing scene” between Rod and Ronald and Ronald’s saying, “will you marry me?”

Good Points of the show: Friendship. Unconditional love. Concern for family; provide financial support. Hardworking (as OFW).

Negative Points of the show: Wife/mother left home and went with her lover (adultery). Ronald’s jumping off from a rooftop (suicide). Rod has had 2 other homosexual relations (abnormal). The final outcome of the exercise is “Not Recommended” for children and even young adults (TAG Assessment Score is below 50). The show is confusing for those with little or nor formation.

All in all, the get together was entertaining and a learning experience. We realize how we can have very differing opinions and it becomes fruitful when we work as a team.

Heart to Heart Talk on Reproductive Health Bill

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This is in reaction to the television show, Heart to Heart Talk, that I saw on 02 August 2008, Saturday, at 7-8pm on NBN 4. It was hosted by Ms. Baby Nebrida Ballesty with guests, Sen. Kit Tatad, Atty. Jo Imbong, and Mr. Gene Ballesty.

Their topic was on Humanae Vitae, an encyclical written by Pope Paul VI, encouraging that every conjugal act must be open to life. Although it was written some forty years ago, the encyclical is highly relevant today with the current hot topic on Reproductive Health bill being eagerly pursued by some congressmen and senators. Unlike fashion that changes depending on man’s whims, morals remain the same since the source is the Author of life Himself.

An eye opener, the show was brilliantly started with the statement that sex is beautiful if done within marriage. And marriage is the union of matured man and woman who give themselves to each other unconditionally and for life.

Sen. Tatad has rightly stated that the State is not the source of Truth. The State cannot interfere on a couple’s expression of love for each other and for their children. Moreover, our Constitution mandates the respect for life and promotion of the family. Our legislators should realize that divine law is above human law.

Moreover, as vividly explained by Atty. Imbong, the Reproductive Health Bill encourages the use of abortifacients that obstruct the flow of life, and are harmful to the health of women, in addition to their adverse effect on family life. As such, they should change the title of the bill to the ‘Un-reproductive & Harmful Bill’.

In his address to the United Nation’s General Assembly on 4 October 1965, Pope Paul VI appealed:

Respect for life, even with regard to the great problem of the birth rate, must find here in your assembly its highest affirmation and its most reasoned defense. You must strive to multiply bread so that it suffices for the tables of mankind, and not rather favor an artificial control of birth, which would be irrational, in order to diminish the number of guests at the banquet of life.

St. Josemaria Escriva, the Saint of the Ordinary, whose Feast Day we celebrate on June 26, wrote in Christ is Passing By:

A married couple should build their life together on the foundation of a sincere and pure affection for each other, and on the joy that comes from having brought into the world the children God has enabled them to have. They should be capable of renouncing their personal comfort; and they should put their trust in the providence of God. To have a large family – if such is the will of God – is a guarantee of happiness and of effectiveness, in spite of everything that the mistaken proponents of a life based on selfish pleasure may say to the contrary.

Kudos to NBN Channel 4! May we have more of such enlightening and uplifting shows that serve to help make us more informed, discerning and intelligent citizens.

Written by: Ching D. Aunario, chingauna [at] yahoo.com

Letters: Living It Up

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Sent: 24 July 2008
Channel: GMA 7
Show: (TV) Living It Up

Dear Sir:

I am writing you on behalf of the Television Advocacy Group (TAG) whose aim is to “positively influence the content of local TV programs”. We do this by monitoring local shows and critiquing them through letters we send to their producers or the TV broadcast stations. Letters to their major sponsors are also targeted to make them aware of the impact the shows are making towards the viewing public.

This letter is to provide you feedback on the show “Living It Up”. Its really a pleasant and good show. I found your show both interesting and entertaining. There were episodes that were not just informative but very educational. I found this particularly to be true with the episode that showcased Japanese culture (and this has been my favorite so far) last June 4. I wish you would feature similar topics like focusing on the culture of other countries. Recently, your show has kept me up to date with the current trends.

Your presentation is hip and psychedelic. I like the colors and the letters that introduce the different segments of the show. The atmosphere is perky and the hosts are very animated. The show itself is lively – there is never a dull moment.

I wish though that the wardrobe/outfits styles would be changed. Its our thinking that the show would be more effective if the people looked more professional and simple/modest. I liked it when Mr. Tim Yap adopted Japanese costumes to fit the subject matter. It was really cool!

More power to your show.


Betsy Ramos

Letters: Proudly Filipina

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Sent: 20 July 2008
Channel: QTV 11
Show: (TV) Proudly Filipina

Dear Sir:

The show is really great!  I love everything about it!

Each episode of Proudly Filipina has many beautiful stories that are truly inspiring.  Each Friday night every Filipino woman watching your TV show gets to meet other Filipinas who have such unique, motivating, intriguing, fascinating, moving lives and stories to tell … in more ways that can be described.  It captures the Filipina in a different light.  Your show paints us in many vibrant colors, from all walks of life.  We are a far cry from the Maria Clara image that we were known for during the time of our ancestors.  Not only are we loving, caring, trustworthy, kind, understanding and hardworking, but your program shows that we are strong, daring, reliable, dependable, highly intellectual, innovative, vastly talented and full of integrity. Indeed, the Filipina has gone a long long way with her various talents and interests.

What I love most of all about this program is that it centers on what really counts.  Despite showing what a Filipina has become and can become…despite her many successes and accomplishments…despite all the fame and glory, she still values so much her FAMILY.  This show deserves its rewards and so much more!

I wish to add too that Ms. Charlene Gonzales-Muhlach’s sense of modesty is so refreshing.  Unlike other talk show hosts that dabble on outfits that were not inspired by the creative juices of their dress designers, her clothes have an aura of professionalism that gives/demands respect from both her guests and the audience.

I wish all the best for your show and may it continue giving light and hope to all of us.

Very truly yours,
Betsy Ramos
TAG – Makati

Keeping Tabs on Advertisements

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Committed to the propagation of wholesomeness in TV shows, aside from monitoring them,  the ever-energetic TAG members and friends also keep tab of advertisements in TV programs as well as in magazines, newspapers, tabloids, billboards, radio, movies and other ads.

It is such a great relief to learn that the Advertising Board of the Philippines, Inc. (AdBoard) promptly takes action in addressing  complaints on inappropriate advertising materials. AdBoard is ably chaired by Ms. Charmaine V. Canillas and Mr. Alejandro V. Castro III is the very helpful Executive Director.

It is equally a great blessing to learn about the Ad Standards Council (ASC), the advertising industry’s self-regulating agency responsible for the screening of advertising content.  Effective 31 March 2008, billboards must be screened by the ASC prior to their display, or face penalties. Mr. Ruperto S. Nicdao, Jr. is the ASC Chairman while Mr. Rene Kahn is the ASC General Manager, who are both very inspiring and supportive.

For comments on TV and movie advertisements, please write also to the AdBoard and ASC, copy furnished the very helpful Chairman of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), Ms. Ma. Consoliza P. Laguardia.

So fellow TAG members and friends, let’s join hands in sweeping up the environment of unwanted ads! You are urgently invited to monitor advertisements right in your own living room, in the neighborhood, along the way to the office, gimmick  or out of town trips to bond with family members, friends, and colleagues. As aptly said by the MTRCB Chairman, “indecent it isn’t if nobody complains”.  In our own small way, let’s make a difference in cleaning up our surroundings and get rid of indecent commercials.  Of course, let’s send also praises to wholesome ads and encourage companies to come up with creatively decent ads.  For offensive, coarse, lewd, and inappropriate advertisements, please report them to these organizations.

Here are some of the letters written and immediately responded to by the AdBoard and ASC.

  1. Billboards: Folded and Hung
  2. Reply: ASC on Folded and Hung

We are very grateful to them.  It is a very encouraging affirmation of our united effort for a better and brighter Philippines!

Report Complaints to These Organizations

Posted on : 01-09-2008 | By : admin | In : Feedback


Mr. Alejandro V. Castro III
Executive Director
Advertising Board of the Philippines, Inc.
Suite 6A, Dao I Condominium
189 Salcedo St.,  Legaspi Village, Makati City
acastroIII [at] adboard.com.ph

Mr. Rene Kahn
General Manager
Ad Standards Council
6th Floor, LTA Building
118 Perea Street, Leaspi Village, Makati City
Tel No. 02.8938103
Fax No. 02.8177287
asc_gm [at] yahoo.com

Ms. Ma. Consoliza P. Laguardia
Movie and Television Review and Classification Board
President Tower 81, Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Fax No. 925-5004
mtrcb.gov.ph [at] gmail.com

KBP Philippines
For radio ads
kbp [at] pacific.net.ph

The Philippine Alliance Against Pornography
philalliance2000 [at] yahoo.com

Cinemalaya Kids’ Treats

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I would like to congratulate Ms. Alice Panares, Executive Director of the National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT), for the success of the Cinemalaya Kids’ Treats held on July 12 and 13, 2008 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The NCCT invited about 900 high school students and parents and teachers from 26 high schools to view and give their comments about the films, as part of the media education and film appreciation activities of the NCCT.

The Kids’ Treats featured independent films on, for, and about children and young teens. The Dying Planet by Katrina Therese Olon, a 12-year-old, 7th grader from PAREF Woodrose School, was an eye opener that helped the viewers appreciate nature and realize their responsibility to preserve ecology and the environment. Another entry which was entitled Adam’s Family by Donnie Sacueza was inspiring as it portrayed the features of a happy family such as the effort to maintain peace among family members, loving, respectful of elders, helpful with each other, united, and showing a spirit of service, among others.

Many more films were viewed by the young students who were asked to evaluate and write their comments about the films shown. The event was a giant positive step towards the education of the youth who are encouraged to become more discerning media consumers. Hopefully, these young people can greatly influence television and film producers to come up with wholesome, educational and value-forming programs/shows that are truly entertaining and uplifting for the viewers. The young, our future leaders, are taught to be pro-active and verbalize their ideas of what constitutes wholesome shows/programs.

Again, kudos to Ms. Alice Panares for such a highly impressive project! The public and private sectors should give their utmost support, morally and financially to the noble undertakings of NCCT, in line with nation-building.

~Ching D. Aunario