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We aim to positively influence the content of our local TV programming in terms of values portrayed; decency in speech, dressing and action; contribution to intellectual development of viewers; promotion of a healthy love for country; and, respect for religious beliefs.

Letters: Wowowee

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Sent: 06 June 2008
Channel: ABS-CBN 2
Show: (TV) Wowowee

Ms. Cynthia Jordan
Production Manager, Wowowee
ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation
Mother Ignacia Street,
Quezon City

Dear Ms. Jordan:

Hi! Hope all is well with you.

I watched Wowowee yesterday, around 2:15 pm, after receiving a text message from a lady friend who commented rather disappointingly on the “plunging neckline” of Valerie Concepcion and how she implied that getting pregnant at 16 is alright. I did not get to see this portion though. But indeed I was likewise disappointed to see the host herself in such attire.

There were also several things I noticed and pardon me but I have to list them down:

  1. The ad girl of Wow Magic Sing was in ‘bikini’ which you don’t need to in order to sing; while the Pau liniment girl commented that the liniment ‘…ay ipapahid ni Pappy para maalis ang pain’, something to that effect. Doesn’t that comment connote bad taste?
  2. Pokwang, in her mini skirt, crossed over the props man who fixed the ‘Hindi’ sign; indeed foul even if she meant it to be funny.
  3. Pokwang wiped her legs with her hands and then wiped her hands on the face of the contestant, Bong, presumably for good luck but what kind of luck! She even poked the nose of said contestant.
  4. The bikini-clad dancers gyrating their bodies to introduce ‘Pera or Bayong’—can they be tamed so that they don’t look so disgusting? Or, better yet, if they cannot perform decently, shouldn’t they be changed? For all intents and purposes, they represent ABS-CBN.

These are just little details of refinement which I believe should be instilled in everyone in the show considering that your show is watched all over the country and aired worldwide and, moreover, because you are ABS-CBN, a Kapamilya.


Gerly de Castro
TAG, Alabang Chapter

cc: Chairman Consoliza Laguardia, MTRCB | Mr. Nestor Torre, Viewfinder, PDI

Letters: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

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Sent: 10 March 2008
Channel: GMA 7
Show: (TV) Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Dear Ms. XXX,

I watched your show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, last Saturday, 8 March 2008. The portion I viewed was about the Magdadaing in Bantayan, Cebu and Magtutuyo in San Fabian, Pangasinan. Indeed you are doing a great job of promoting the small scale industries which our country needs. They are good examples to follow for people residing in similar areas for their livelihood.

The next part was about bayani’s. How true it is when you said, “Ang bayang laging naghahanap ng bayani ay bayang sawi”. You mentioned the accidental hero here in Manila, the hero cop, Inspector Espadero, the hero doctor, Dr. Martin in Limasawa island, and Eddie who tirelessly dedicates his life to educate and help alleviate the lives of the Mangyans in Mindoro Oriental. Had it not been for you, “nakalimutan ang mga tunay na bayani ng ating bayan”. It is sad to note that all the children interviewed did not recognize the pictures of our national heroes but recognized those of artistas.

Thanks to your show, these small people are given due recognition which they richly deserve. They may be silent but indeed very effective. This is what we need right now so hopefully the people in government get to watch shows like yours and refocus their efforts in supporting these kinds of Heroes, “inuuna nila ang kapwa bago ang sarili”.

All of us in the Television Advocacy Group (TAG) applaud you and your show! May the GMA network promote more shows of this quality, really ‘KAPUSO’.

TAG, Alabang Chapter

cc: Ms. Consoliza Laguardia, MTRCB Chairman | Mr. Nestor U. Torre, Viewfinder, PDI

We received the following reply from Jessica Soho

Dear (TAG Alabang) Thank you very much for the kind words. Feedback like this inspire us to try and come up with even better stories and episodes. I will relay this to our producers and staff. Thank you again.

Letters: Wheel of Fortune, Jeering Contestants

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Sent: 8 April 2008
Channel: ABS-CBN 2
Show: (TV) Wheel of Fortune

To the Producer of Wheel of Fortune, ABS CBN Broadcasting Corporation


I watched Wheel of Fortune twice last week and the prizes at stake are enticing. Kris’ personality really fits into the host’s job.

I noted though that some contestants would jeer, “Lose a Turn” or “Bankrupt”, whenever the playing contestant would spin the wheel. It is kind of unpleasant to hear them and reflects poor manners considering they are playing a fair game. Besides, that practice, when tolerated, could set a bad example to children who by chance get to watch the show.

Also, in the US, those things do not happen but it does not mean that the Americans are better mannered than we are.

We hope you will set rules to avoid such jeering comments.

TAG, Alabang Chapter

Letters: Movie Trailers’ Ratings Must Match Movie’s Ratings

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Sent: 18 March 2008
Show: (Movie) 10,000 BC

Dear Chairman (MTRCB)

My family and I, including my kids ages 6 to 11, watched last March 8 the movie 10,000 BC, which was given the rating GP by your office. Sad to say that though you were right in your rating for the movie, the trailers that were shown prior to it did not have the same rating. There was a trailer shown which I highly doubt was fit for kids of any age much less my own. If I were not wary of what was to be shown, and thus told my kids to cover their eyes, my kids would have had nightmares because of it. It was a trailer of a horror film titled Shutters. It was short but it was a compilation of ghost sightings which would give goose pimples even to the most mature of audiences. I hope there is a way that the MTRCB can monitor the trailers that accompany the movies approved by them in a way that the trailer is consistent with the rating of the movie. We watched the movie in Gateway Mall at Cubao.

Thank you for giving this letter the urgency it requires.

Television Advocacy Group
Makati Chapter

cc: Gateway Mall Cinemas

Letters: Drama–an Apostolate, Fr. James B. Reuter

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Sent: 07 June 2008
Article: (Column) Drama–an Apostolate

The Philippine Star
R. Oce, Jr. & Railroad Sts.
Port Area, Manila
info [at] philstar.com.ph

Dear Fr. Reuter:

I am with a group of television viewers and we call ourselves TV Advocacy Group or TAG. Our main objective is to positively influence the content of our local TV programming in terms of values portrayed; decency in speech, dressing, and action; contribution to intellectual development of viewers; promotion of healthy love for country; and respect for religious beliefs. We monitor select local shows and write our feedback to the concerned television station, copy furnished MTRCB and a daily newspaper. We have a website, www.tvadvo.com. where our feedback letters, reviews and articles are posted.

Your article today in The Philippine Star entitled, “Drama – an Apostolate!” caught my attention and indeed made me reminisce those days when we got to watch television programs which teach good values.

I still recall ‘Santa Zita and Mary Rose’ and perhaps one of the country’s producers can do a similar program with your guidance, portraying, like you said, ‘the deep human values of the Gospel in a way that people could understand and appreciate’. I believe it is time we go back to the basics in order to instill in the hearts and minds of our viewers, especially the young, the good news of Our Lord as well as the beauty of the Filipino values and traditions.

I would also like to quote your last paragraph as it brings a beautiful message of hope, “Our current media men and women should realize that their job is an apostolate… And they would not lose their following if they tried to present the truths of the Gospel… ‘In the heart of every Filipino there is a hunger for God.’

Thank you, Father, and please include us in your prayers.


Gerly de Castro
TAG, Alabang Chapter

cc: Mr. Isaac G. Belmonte, Editor-in-Chief | Ms. Consoliza Laguardia, Chairman, MTRCB

Letters: The Beat – Bravo!

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Sent: 5 February 2008
Channel: QTV Channel 11
Show: (TV) The Beat

Note: A portion of the letter was read out on the air February 18—during the latter part of the show.

To the Producers of The Beat – Bravo! At 10pm I opened the TV and was pleasantly surprised to be viewing a heart warming story of HOPE and TRIUMPH. I was mesmerized by a young girl playing on a piano. Not only was her skill exemplary but it was amazing because she was playing with only four fingers and she had no legs, her feet were seemingly attached to her torso. And yet, despite her handicap, she played like a master with so much grace and confidence. It was truly an inspiring piece. The other segments of your show may not have had the same clout but on their own they were entertaining and they kept me glued to your channel. Your show was a welcome change from all the telenovelas that seem to have taken over the evening line-up of TV.

What I found interesting (if not somewhat ironic) is the lack of adult materials in your show. Don’t get me wrong I applaud that, but it seems misplaced that earlier “talk” shows belonging to the same TV station – being aired during primetime – would have contents that would be classified “for adults only.” The likes of Moms and The Sweet Life, both rated PG, with its casual talks of sex, affairs, condoms, and other sexual innuendos would seem ill-fitted for young audiences. And yet they are aired as early as 5 pm, the other 6 and 7 pm, making sure that our kids are still awake to catch the show.

Maybe there is a need for a total revamp in terms of the airing schedule of this nighttime shows. Shows like The Beat is in a better position for an early time slot because it is able to choose/censor the things being shown. Whilst the talk shows previously mentioned are not able to control what is being said by their guests (since these are live shows), and there are lots of times the host/s themselves illicit these remarks or the topic itself call for such comments.

More power to The Beat and here’s hoping that “quality TV” likewise considers what is amenable, even appropriate, for viewing by our youth.

cc: MTRCB, Phil Inquirer

We received a response a few days later from The Beat Producer on 12 February 2008.

Dear XXX
Thank you very much for your letter. We are always glad to hear from our viewers. We are specially happy to receive your letter, with a ‘stamp’ of approval! Your words definitely gave us a boost and encouraged us to continue what we are doing. Please continue to support our program and we look forward to more comments and suggestions from you.

I apologize for the late response. We were in the middle of fixing computer glitches with our email address and I couldn’t respond sooner. Thank you once again.

Yours truly,
Executive Producer

The Beat

Letters: Eat Bulaga-EB Babes

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Sent: 25 February 2008
Channel: GMA 7
Show: (TV) Eat Bulaga

To the Producer of Eat Bulaga

Dear Sir,

We watched Eat Bulaga for two consecutive days, February 22 and 23, 2008. The show is indeed entertaining with lots of prizes to offer; however, we find the EB Babes’ gyrations unbecoming of their young age no matter how you look at it, especially the ones who introduce the final Php 1 Million portion of ‘I-taktakmo o tatakbo’ (that must be around 1:20pm). Last Friday, Feb 22, there were two females in silver-colored very skimpy bikinis. Last Saturday, Feb 23, she came with a basketball in a rose-colored, likewise, very skimpy attire. Their ‘exhibition’, though short, looked indecent and not appropriate for a noontime show, more so, because there are children in the audience (one of whom was the daughter of the contestant). It is quite disturbing to imagine the impact on the young audience.

Speaking of audience impact, in the second number of the dance competition, we noticed the semblance in the style of the high school girls’ dance movements and the noontime shows’ dance. Julia’s presence in the group tainted the performance.

We would like to suggest if you could please revise the dance movements so they are proper to your show, a noontime variety show meant to give superior entertainment all over the world. Your studio is not a bar nor night club where you see these types of dances and attire. We can also ask—would we allow our own daughters to do those gyrations?

We also like to call the attention of the advertisers. The main sponsor of this portion is Globe Telecom who definitely has a say in the content of the program segment for which they are spending their advertising budget. Globe can sell based on the quality of their product which need not depend on those gyrations.

Thank you very much for hearing us out and we hope this will help you achieve your corporate goal of enriching the lives of Filipinos everywhere with superior entertainment.

Very truly yours,
Television Advocacy Group
Alabang Chapter

cc: MTRCB, Globe Telecoms Inc., PDI