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We aim to positively influence the content of our local TV programming in terms of values portrayed; decency in speech, dressing and action; contribution to intellectual development of viewers; promotion of a healthy love for country; and, respect for religious beliefs.

BID: Beyond I Do

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For more information, please go to the Educhild Website at http://www.educhildph.org.


DUALTECH and Year of the Poor

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“They did not go to college, but they went through a unique dual training system that transformed young high school graduates from poor families to skilled high income earning and morally upright professionals, who serve the needs of the industry and their communities.” (www.dualtech.org.ph)


Join TAG!

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hear-ye TAG jr.

“MENDING A BROKEN SOCIETY” and “ARISE AND WALK”: Books by Rev. Fr. Henry Bocala Launched

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We had a very pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable Sunday afternoon when we attended the book launching  cum musical concert held on 25 November 2012, 3-5 pm, at the Assumption College (Mother Rose Auditorium) in San Lorenzo Village, Makati for the two books of Rev. Fr. Henry Bocala titled  (1)   MENDING A BROKEN SOCIETY, What Happens When We Forget Who We Are?  and   (2)   ARISE AND WALK.  The latter is also  in CD form.  The successful event was sponsored by the Daughters of St. Paul in cooperation with Global Corporate Solutions, Inc. 

TAG goes to Batangas City

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Here’s a little article for you guys to read to start the week. Happy week to everyone! :)

TAG was invited to a media literacy seminar-workshop called “Make Media Matter”, a project of the School of Education and Human Development from the University of Asia and the Pacific, held last 11 February 2012 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Learning Center and School of Values (IHMLCSV) in Batangas City. Ms. Ina Celo Ivane B. Gonda was the Program Designer with Ms. Concha C. Dela Cruz as AIDE Instructor.

TAG updates

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Hi everyone! We hope that you are enjoying all the articles we have created and posted on our website. Thank you to everyone who spent time writing the articles. If you want to submit yours, remember that you can send them to tag_makati@yahoo.com!

We have added a new page where you can read about helpful links related to TAG. Check it out HERE.

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Have a good weekend ahead!

Media Target: Children

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Below is another informative and well written article by Mrs. Mercedes B. Suleik. TAG is glad to announce that we will be posting two more articles of Mrs. Suleik on our website so frequently come to the site!

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Be an advocate of child friendly media: Join TAG!

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TAG welcomes everyone, young and old, to join our cause in making sure that children are not exposed to negative and violent shows.  Even at home, you can contribute by writing articles and reviews or simply alerting us to shows that are not apt for kids.  Just download the TAG primer below to get started. Don’t worry, TAG is 100% free and will not require you to pay any membership fee.

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You can make a difference to Filipino media, join TAG.

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TAG invites Professor Randy David to talk about the Philippine Elections

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In preparation for the coming elections on 10 May 2010, TAG invited Professor Randy David to give a talk on 13 March 2010, Saturday, from 9 A M to 12 noon.  His topic was on “Current State of Philippine Politics”.  The venue of the talk was at the Antel Platinum Tower, Penthouse, 154 Valero Street,  Salcedo Village, Makati City (near Citibank).

Earlier, on 09 March 2010, Tuesday, from 6:30 P M to 7:30 P M, Atty. Girlie Noche also gave a talk on “A Catechism on Family and Life for the 2010 Elections.”  The talk was held at the fourth floor of the Bank of Commerce, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Post your thoughts and reactions below or tweet us by adding @tvadvocacy on your tweets.

You can make TV programs kid friendly

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Just download the link below and fill up the TAG Assessment form. The word document also contains the e-mail and postal address of people you can write to about programs that you may find offensive to children and other viewers.

Make your opinion count. Make TV safe for your children to watch.

You can also email you TAG Assessment sheets to

tag_makati@yahoo.com and tagalabang@yahoo.com

Download PDF version
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Investing in Moral Capital and Good Governance: Will it Boost Work Excellence?

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The forum aims to highlight the truth that work excellence is perfectly compatible with human integrity or in today’s business parlance,

moral capital. “Moral capital is excellence of character, or the possession and practice of a host of virtues appropriate for a human being

within a particular socio-cultural context.” Business is a wide-ranging field where all the virtues can and need to be lived.


The global financial meltdown had been marked by shortages — of oversight, due diligence and moral fortitude, bringing to the fore a

similar observation by  A.J. Sison, a professor of business ethics at the University of Navarra, Spain, following the Enron experience,

that “no amount of human, intellectual or social capital could make up for the lack of moral capital among workers for the long-term

success of a business enterprise.”


• Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao, the country’s premier stalwart for corporate governance, will deliver the keynote address on how one can

“continuously inculcate within the corporate culture a deep commitment to performance, ethics and social responsibility, to permanently

secure the foundations for good governance and responsible citizenship.”

• The Securities and Exchange Commission, under the strong leadership of its Chair, Atty. Fe B. Barin, released in July 2009 SEC Memorandum Circular No. 6 revising  the Code of Corporate Governance for implementation  by covered institutions. She will expound to us why “both professional competence and moral consistency are necessary”, and why “development is impossible without upright men and women, without financiers and politicians whose consciences are finely attuned to the requirements of the common good.”

•  Today we hear much talk of ethics in  the world of economy,  finance  and business. Pope Benedict XVI in his recent encyclical, “Charity in Truth” says: “The world needs ethics in order to function correctly — not any ethics whatsoever, but an ethics which is people-centred”.

Ms. Agnes D. Fernando will elaborate on the importance of the “moral culture in which markets exists”, and why the economy is not a “moral-free zone”: both honesty and generosity are absolutely required if the market is to work and to serve the common good.

Tambuli Awards 2009

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University of Asia and the Pacific’s Tambuli Awards 2009

Reaching a milestone of sorts in its third iteration, the Tambuli Awards 2009 was recently held at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P), once again honoring the year’s best advertising campaigns that have valued both business results and socially relevant marketing communications. Launched by the UA&P School of Communication in 2005, the biannual awards have, for the first time ever, named a recipient for the Carmencita Esteban Platinum Award, the Tambuli Awards’ highest distinction.

McCann Erickson Philippines, Inc. brought home the prize for their work on the recently released “Coca-Cola Family Bonding Campaign,” which had also earned the agency and client company Coca-Cola Export Corporation the Effectiveness Agency of the Year Award and the Effectiveness Advertiser of the Year Award, respectively. The awards committee introduced these two special awards just this year, making McCann’s victories all the more historic for the Tambuli Awards, which has truly come to its own in 2009.

A year of firsts

This year also saw the first time that the awards were accompanied by a preceding conference that featured talks from some of the biggest names in the advertising industry. The Tambuli Awards Conference played host to DDB Asia Pacific and Japan President and CEO John Zeigler and Publicis Manila Chairman Emeritus Herminio Ordoñez who further elucidated the message of the Tambuli Awards in front of an audience of senior executives from advertising agencies and client companies. The guests talked about the cornerstones of the awards, with Mr. Zeigler speaking about creativity and effectiveness while Mr. Ordoñez tackled human values and their portrayal in ad campaigns. Publicis JimenezBasic Immediate Past Chairman and WOO Consultants CEO and Senior Consultant Ramon Jimenez was also there to moderate a panel of CEO’s who shared their insight on the future of the advertising industry.

Another first for the Tambuli Awards: among the panel were Dentsu Singapore Regional Planning Director Akira Sakai and Publicis Asia Pacific Vice Chairman and Chief Creative Officer-Asia Calvin Soh who joined Mr. Zeigler as the awards’ first international luminaries to have actively participated as judges, panelists and speaker. They, along with Mr. Ordoñez, McCann WorldGroup Asia Pacific Chairman Emily Abrera, Globe Telecom Immediate Past Chairman and Ayala Corporation Senior Managing Director Gerardo Ablaza, and Southeast Asia Food Inc. President Noel Lorenzana complete the panel.

As if all these developments weren’t enough, this year also saw the addition of two more awards categories: Most Effective Teens Brand Campaign and Most Effective Family-Oriented Brand Campaign, solidifying the Tambuli Awards 2009 as the biggest outing in the awards’ history yet. Serendipitously, this progression has been supplemented with the most subtle, yet most glaring change: the transition from the Integrated Marketing Communications Effectiveness Awards, as the event went by the first two times, to its current designation.

What it means to be tambuli

This year’s name change emphasizes the event’s use of the tambuli, an indispensable tool in the lives of early Filipino inhabitants, as its symbol of effectiveness. A vital instrument of communication and precaution in days of yore, it now stands for marketing communicators who create and deliver messages focused on results that build long-lasting value for their organization, their markets and stakeholders, and for the common good of society.

Following a case study entry approach, the Tambuli Awards aspires to be the benchmark and resource for effective integrated marketing communications programs. However, with the Tambuli Awards as the first and only award-giving body in Asia of its kind, equal measure was given to both profitable integrated marketing communications campaigns and the simultaneous promotion of societal values. Entries submitted must prove that the campaigns resulted not only in increased profitability but also to the betterment of society by portraying values such as, but not limited to:

  • Family values
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Environmentalism
  • Respect for privacy
  • Virtues like hard work, punctuality, sincerity or honesty, humility, charity, modesty, concern for others, respect and love for elders, optimism, perseverance, orderliness, responsibility, sincerity and moderation
  • Concern for other especially the needy, poor, sick
  • Spirit of service towards others
  • Intellectual honesty

Even then, entries still had to undergo the discernment of the Tambuli Awards 2009’s board of judges composed of the most prestigious figures the awards have ever seen. This year’s board benefited from the international perspective provided by Mr. Sakai, Mr. Soh and Mr. Zeigler, not to mention the expertise of none other than the pillars of the Philippine advertising industry, Ms. Abrera, Full Circle Communications Chairman and J. Walter Thompson Former Chairman Javier Calero and former Chairman, President and CEO of Dentsu Young and Rubicam Alcantara Brand Communications Jaime Puno. The client-side of the advertising spectrum was well represented by Mr. Lorenzana, Philamlife President and CEO Jose Cuisia, Jr., Golden ABC, Inc. CEO Bernie Liu, and Nestlé Philippines Communications Director Sandra Puno. Bolstering this year’s jury even further were media members Adobo Magazine Editor-in-Chief Angel Guerrero and ABS-CBN Head for Studio 23, Cable Channels and Print Media Group March Ventosa, as well as industry stalwarts IDS Logistics Managing Director for Country Customer Unit Vicente Dinglasan, Lowe, Inc. President and CEO Mariles Gustilo, Publicis JimenezBasic Immediate Past Chairman Abby Jimenez, Y&R Philippines President Chiqui Lara and WPP/JWT Chairman Joselito Ortega. Also on the board of judges were UA&P’s own, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Corporate Communications Jerry Kliatchko and UA&P University Professor Bernardo Villegas.

Looking ahead

With the success of this year’s awards, the organizers are already looking towards the future. Plans have been put in place for the addition of a new award category, the Most Effective Fashion Brand Campaign, for 2011. The award will recognize profitable campaigns that promote virtues such as decency, elegance, propriety, good taste, modesty, dignity and respect within the context of marketing a fashion-related brand.

Gaining momentum and growth in the last few years, the future of the Tambuli Awards remains promising, building on its past successes with new advancements every time, and will most assuredly give everyone in the advertising industry something to anticipate in years to come. Hopefully, agencies and client companies will see this a sign that the Tambuli Awards’ message resonates with the industry— that marketing effectiveness should always come hand-in-hand with societal values.

The Tambuli Awards 2009 was organized by UA&P in partnership with the Marketing and Opinion Research Society of the Philippines and BusinessWorld, with sponsors DDB Philippines, Dentsu Philippines, Millward Brown Asia Pacific-Philippines, Publicis Manila, Radio Mindanao Network and Philippine Survey and Research Center, and media sponsors Adobo Magazine and FocusMedia Audiovisuals.

Invitation – Talk on “Responsible Viewership”

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Where: St John Mary Vianney Academy, Aster Street, La Colina Subdivision, Antipolo City*
Telephone No.: 646-1269
When: 25 July 2009, Saturday
Time: 9:00 am


* If you are in Marcos Highway, turn right to Sumulong Highway going to Antipolo.  About 500 meters away, turn right to the street that has Caltex and Shell stations fronting each other.  The end of that street is the La Colina Subdivision.

Announcement: 10 Oct @ DLSU

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Workshop 10 Oct 2008

Announcement: 20 Sept @ Tanglaw

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Workshop 20 Sept 2008