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Be Careful With My Heart: A Review

Posted on : 26-11-2012 | By : tvadvo_vina | In : Reviews, TV


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This is one of the few or even rare teleseryes with many positive values portrayed within the family. A description of the characters will attest to this observation.

The female lead star, MAYA DELA ROSA (played by Jodie Sta. Maria), is a simple, idealistic provincial girl who dreams of becoming a flight stewardess but in a twist of events, ends up becoming a nanny for a wealthy family in Manila. She took the job in exchange for an educational scholarship from her boss, Richard Lim. She is very family-oriented and will do everything to make her family’s life in the province comfortable. She has an innocent charm, yet confident, and has a very positive attitude in life.

The boss, RICHARD LIM (played by Richard Yap), is a widower who happens to own an airline company and indeed very influential in the airline industry. He trapped MAYA into being a nanny for her youngest daughter. Aloof and strict at first, having just lost his beloved wife, he adjusted fast (with help from MAYA) and became a dedicated father, doing his best to spend time with his children. He would postpone office meetings or reschedule them to be present in his children’s school activities. He would celebrate birthdays, go out of town to bond with the family, including the extended family.

With the mother’s death, the three children of RICHARD became problematic – the eldest, LUKE, next, NIKKI, and the sweetheart of the family, ABBY. It is praiseworthy to hear ABBY calling her older siblings, Kuya and Ate. MAYA took it upon herself to bring RICHARD closer to his children and eventually, she succeeds in rebuilding the Lim family. MAYA’s very positive view of life enabled her to persevere in inculcating good values within the family, often bridging the gaps among them. Her “kapit-bisig” motto brought her strength to move on, no matter the difficulties.

Indeed, this series is a wholesome viewing for the family.

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