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A letter to Dra. Esperanza Cabral

Posted on : 14-05-2010 | By : admin | In : Feedback, Letters


Here is a letter written by one of our members, Mrs. Gerly De Castro dated February 27, 2010 to Dra. Esperanza Cabral of DOH.


Secretary, Department of Health

San Lazaro Compound

Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dear Dra. Cabral:

It pains me to see you on television a few days ago openly and strongly defending the proliferation of condoms in order to avoid AIDS. If the objective is for health reasons, would it not be better and healthier if one simply abstains from sexual relations, specifically between persons who are not married to each other? Why let loose our moral values for a moment of pleasure?

I would like to quote some lines of a chapter (Sex: Creation and Recreation) in the book entitled, “Arise and Walk”, which are very relevant to this matter.

“Our human body is sacred. We have to treat it as such. If we allow the animal part of us to prevail over the spiritual, it would not take long before we convert our body into a bazaar of carnal goods, an epitome of a decadent world devoid of moral values…..A person is someone, and is meant to be helped, understood, respected, cared for and loved. He or she is not something to be used, bought, possessed, taken advantage of and disposed of. But roles have been inverted by our highly materialistic and hedonistic society. Whereas persons are used, things are loved. The subjects (of right, honor and title) have become objects (of fun, exploitation and pleasure).”

The author also wrote: “God has a definite plan for human sexuality and it is quite simple. Sex is meant to be used only between a man and a woman in a lifelong and exclusive alliance of conjugal love. God intended sex for marriage…..It goes without saying that sex is ordained towards the transmission of life because the natural consequence of sexual union is a new life, a child.”

I share the sentiments of many parents and friends who value human life and its corresponding virtues of chastity, modesty and continence.


Gerly de Castro

Silang, Cavite

Email: decastro_ge@yahoo.com

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