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“MENDING A BROKEN SOCIETY” and “ARISE AND WALK”: Books by Rev. Fr. Henry Bocala Launched

Posted on : 26-11-2012 | By : tvadvo_vina | In : Announcements


We had a very pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable Sunday afternoon when we attended the book launching  cum musical concert held on 25 November 2012, 3-5 pm, at the Assumption College (Mother Rose Auditorium) in San Lorenzo Village, Makati for the two books of Rev. Fr. Henry Bocala titled  (1)   MENDING A BROKEN SOCIETY, What Happens When We Forget Who We Are?  and   (2)   ARISE AND WALK.  The latter is also  in CD form.  The successful event was sponsored by the Daughters of St. Paul in cooperation with Global Corporate Solutions, Inc. 

Senator Francisco Tatad gave an inspiring talk about the urgent need nowadays to have a guide during these confused times when we are deluged with all sorts of ideas from  politicians,  media and environment,  particularly about life, family and marriage.  We need a rope or a float to bring us back to safety – toward the true end of man.  We are buffeted by winds of uncertainty as we are constantly faced with challenges in deciding which ideas  to accept, in accord with human dignity.  Such books, Mending a Broken Society and Arise and Walk are very timely and useful guides.

Affordable special gift packs of autographed books and inspirational CDs were offered that can be handed  as “aguinaldos” to our dear friends and relatives come Christmas time.

The book launch was well-attended by pro-life groups, educators, families, friends and media.

 About the book ARISE AND WALK:

 Do you feel unsure of your beliefs? Is your faith in disarray? Perhaps you are weighed down by a personal tragedy you can’t get over with. What about the sensation that life is meaningless? Or the bitter experience of losing friends? Are you engrossed in sex? Are you obsessed with money? Have you sought God out somewhere, sometime?

Arise and Walk sheds light on questions lying deep in the heart of every man and woman. It is not a typical self-help, feel-good paperback showcased in your favorite bookshops. Here you find an unusual blend of solid doctrine and practical counsels, seasoned with interesting anecdotes. This book seeks to provoke a spiritual crisis, to engage the human person with the Divine, to rouse souls to a life of faith.

About the book MENDING A BROKEN SOCIETY:               

You don’t believe every idea tossed by the print media, radio, television or internet, do you? Are you the type who goes with the shifting fads and the vagaries of pop culture? Do you buy the ideologies peddled in the market of a confused generation?

 A discerning mind doesn’t just take in whatever is dished out. We pick what’s good and true, filter out what’s bad and false, more so when the matter in question strikes deep at the core of authentic human values. A person of conviction holds fast to one’s principles, rising above the ebb and flow of public opinion.

People talk about family, sex, media, life, business, work, culture and the like in classrooms, parliaments, offices, barber shops, on line chats and every other agora of human exchange. But how many really care to hear or know what is right or truly valuable? Nowadays people go for what’s practical, popular or cool. Never mind ethics and morality. What’s that?

 Mending A Broken Society sifts through some of the hot issues of the day to separate the grain from the chaff. A collection of essays, this book takes up the cudgels for human dignity and helps us understand who we really are.

-Article by Ching Aunario

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